The Bean 325
The Bean 325
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First Batch of Books ship tomorrow – if you were not part of the kickstarter project…. you pick up your copy here. It helps us get vol 2 out…

keep creating.

If you are interested… this is partly in the past….:) partly …




Lurker » 12 Jul 2013 » Reply

Typo: vengance -> vengeance

idd » 24 Nov 2011 » Reply

Darn I was so sure that the Dragon was Thaddeous, but if the Bean is "not yet with" that entity, then the dragon was acting as a transport method. That is even more frightening, Thaddeous is someone who can ask dragons to do things and they will.

I find it also disturbing that Mother Earth would harm Theron in her quest for vengeance That does explain where the sudden storms are coming from though. I suspect that there is about to be a very hard early winter in the forest and Gwen wants Theron well gone from having to endure it.

    Trav the bean » 28 Nov 2011 » Reply

    🙂 you will meet thaddeous soon.

    as for mother earth- she is no respecter of person, place or thing… all bend to her will one way or another and yes – the center of the storm will be at Mama F. house who is one the garden keepers of the world of the broken moon

Jerel » 18 Nov 2011 » Reply

Does anyone else think the fairy talks like yoda?

    glennnnnnn » 19 Nov 2011 » Reply

    No. She sounds all sweet and cute (almost baby-talk) when I imagine her speech. Yoda sounds like a chainsaw! If you mean the word-order, that's the way people speak in many languages, including Olde English From Longe Ago.

glennnnnnn » 18 Nov 2011 » Reply

For a quiet little place in the countryside that sure is a noisy neighborhood.

sfbell09 » 18 Nov 2011 » Reply

A great page today. I can feel the weight of nature building behind Qwen. The store looks great! I did notice that when I clicked to view a larger print (Wishing Well) that the new window popped up without scrollbars, so I could not view the entire image.

OOTS is a lot of fun. It is worth checking out.

brasshat » 18 Nov 2011 » Reply

This sequence has great dramatic tension. Now your story is actually flexing it's muscles!

Dormin » 18 Nov 2011 » Reply

If you mess with Mother Earth, Mother Earth mess with you. Goblinicide!
With reminds me… had you been time to read a bit of The Order of Stick?

    Andy » 19 Nov 2011 » Reply

    was it you that mentioned tOotS a few panels back? If so thanks, I'd never heard of it but now I can't wait for more. I read all 600+ in a few days, love it!

      Dormin » 20 Nov 2011 » Reply

      Yes, it was me. TOoS is one of my favorite comics alongside this one and Max Overacts.

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