The Bean 326
The Bean 326
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well i almost have all the kickstarter rewards done- there are 225 packages ready to ship- i have the big ones still to do and then we are done for now. I am though getting ready to start the vol 2 kickstarter project.

I sure appreciate all the support and help. You guys have been so awesome.



Eleanor » 2 Oct 2012 » Reply

I'd like to put in a vote for Mama Fairy and her gentle knight. That quiet love and regard is wonderful to read about.

glennnnnnn » 23 Nov 2011 » Reply

sorry, but mongrol is spelled mongrel…

idd » 21 Nov 2011 » Reply

As is said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

(Sir Knight) is not referring to the Bean at all. Rather to the person that Gwen sent Bean off to be trained in the use of the sword and his heritage by.

Celtic Traveler » 21 Nov 2011 » Reply

So sweet.

A.C. » 21 Nov 2011 » Reply

Haven’t been able to post for a while but just wanted to say I love the idea of Gaia (literally mother nature) being a tangible force, and the fairy’s in this comic are AWESOME, I can tell Tia is going to be a lot of fun. ^_^

Scott » 21 Nov 2011 » Reply

Nice kiss there. And he's seriously not talking about the Bean. She already stated he is to see Thaddeus — previous page, people!

sfbell09 » 21 Nov 2011 » Reply

I do not think he is talking about Bean. More likely he refers the troll that is with Siv and the barmaid (who's name escapes me.)

Great art! Looking forward to the Kickstarter package!

    glennnnnnn » 21 Nov 2011 » Reply

    I hope you're right! But it is kind of unclear isn't it?

glennnnnnn » 21 Nov 2011 » Reply

What's his problem? I thought they were getting along fine… now he has an attitude?

glennnnnnn » 21 Nov 2011 » Reply

Arrogant Little Mongrel ? Sir Knight has mixed feelings about Bean.
The pixie is so cute… like a little hippie without the granny glasses but with wings.

    » 12 Nov 2012 » Reply

    Bean is the opposite of arrogant, so he's obviously not the object of that comment.

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