The Bean 328
The Bean 328
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SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

Heh. Five images for preparing… two items.

just_idd » 27 Nov 2011 » Reply

Formerly(idd) this way my name here will match my wiki edits.

Sigh… the knight is sent on a quest when instead he hoped to live out his days with his Fair(y) Love. Trav, does time have a variable flow in Gwen’s domain? For instance was Theron born longer ago in the outside world than his apparent years would indicate? I’m guessing Theron is about 40.

Oh and have you thought of using the the term “Dramatis person√¶” in place of the character list for an older school feel to that part of your site?

    Trav the bean » 28 Nov 2011 » Reply

    hi just idd- i think it is awesome you are putting together a list of characters etc… and if you want to be in charge of the wiki- that would be awesome…:)

    Ok questions……
    Qwen's domain- it does and it does not have a variable time flow. Mortals still age and die. As for Theron he is closer to 55 or 60

    As for Dramatis persona? haven't thought of that. hmmmm

sfbell09 » 27 Nov 2011 » Reply

Looks like someone's going on a quest, and he may be a little disgruntled.

bscruffy » 26 Nov 2011 » Reply

Long time fan of the Bean. The current (#328) strip caught my eye because of the genius in the top five pics in setting the travel-mood. Buckle the buckles, grab packs and weapons, bang some cookware together and in general say: "This is an epic journey." Nice!

glennnnnnn » 26 Nov 2011 » Reply

If there's going to be a storm they should be seeking cover !
Got Volume 1 of the Bean yesterday- so that's what one-fourth of the story looks like !
Pretty good, but I can't stand it any more… I'm going to number the pages.

    Trav the bean » 28 Nov 2011 » Reply

    sorry about not numbering anything- i just felt they got in the way:)

Rocco » 25 Nov 2011 » Reply

That axe looks positively scythely in panel two.

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