The Bean 329
The Bean 329
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I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving. I also hope that life is treating you well.

For those that are interested, I have set up the next kickstarter project for the bean. I am really excited about getting volume 2:the Lost Prince out there.

There are so great deals as well

A $20 pledge gets you book 2 and a $30 gets you both books. Plus there are other pledges. Also Shipping is covered on ALL Pledges – I just think it’s fair.

On a side note, starting in January bean might have to go to two days a week for a bit. Sort of what we started with. I have a lot of commissions right now and still 13 pages to ink and the whole thing to layout and edit. I am trying but I am very worn out. So please be patient. I want the story to keep going and for the first few months of the year this might be the best way to approach it.

Thanks again for all the incredible support. Especially for Vol 1 which has just shipped and so every body should be getting their copies soon. Please take a moment and write a review at the store under vol 1. WE COULD REALLY USE THE LOVE.

you can post your reviews here– though you will have to log into the store. Thanks again

and keep creating




Liam Simmons » 29 Nov 2011 » Reply

Just got my graphic novel today, all the way in New Zealand! Great read, so I left a review. Thank you! Now time to devour more 😀

    Trav the bean » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

    thanks so much for being awesome like that- i am so glad you got it.

Elihion » 28 Nov 2011 » Reply

‘I am trying but I am very worn out.’…


We will still be here. R & R is far
preferable to ‘Author Burn-Out’.

Do the commissions, perhaps, and a
little to keep us going, but make
sure you stay healthy. Anything other
is just plain silly.

You can’t provide a story for people if
your a wreck.

And we as readers (and friends), would
not, should not, and will not allow you
to frazzle yourself.


sfbell09 » 28 Nov 2011 » Reply

I also received my copies today. The books look outstanding! I am planning on sitting down this evening and reading through them all! Thank you Travis for such a great body of work. I am thrilled to have been a small part of it.

Wilson » 28 Nov 2011 » Reply

Having just received the first book and mini-comics and seeing the wonderful quality, You can rest assured that I will definitely support the second as well. I have a limited income but supporting this amazing story is something I have no issues finding room for. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful creation.

sfbell09 » 28 Nov 2011 » Reply

I agree with Odo. The price, and the feeling of lending assistance to a Kickstarter campaign. The feeling that you helped the artist fulfill their vision is a pretty good one. Come for the art, stay for the art, but it never hurts to support the art either.

Odo » 28 Nov 2011 » Reply

I love how Tia finally decides to stop fighting the snow and takes shelter under the hat. "Papa" is solid, a shelter from the storm, and he'll be that for Bean, too.

I've already got 1-8 in small format and I'm afraid that the attraction of having them in two larger volumes that duplicate the content is small. However, for those of you who don't have the content already, $30 for two graphic novels is an amazingly good price, and if you're here, you know what the quality is.

    Trav the bean » 28 Nov 2011 » Reply

    that's no worries- what you have odo is classics- I am no longer printing small books and from now on it will be graphic novels- Vol 3 should be out by next SDCC – depending on how much I can get done:)

    Thanks for the support! e

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