The Bean 329
The Bean 329
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I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving. I also hope that life is treating you well.

For those that are interested, I have set up the next kickstarter project for the bean. I am really excited about getting volume 2:the Lost Prince out there.

There are so great deals as well

A $20 pledge gets you book 2 and a $30 gets you both books. Plus there are other pledges. Also Shipping is covered on ALL Pledges – I just think it’s fair.

On a side note, starting in January bean might have to go to two days a week for a bit. Sort of what we started with. I have a lot of commissions right now and still 13 pages to ink and the whole thing to layout and edit. I am trying but I am very worn out. So please be patient. I want the story to keep going and for the first few months of the year this might be the best way to approach it.

Thanks again for all the incredible support. Especially for Vol 1 which has just shipped and so every body should be getting their copies soon. Please take a moment and write a review at the store under vol 1. WE COULD REALLY USE THE LOVE.

you can post your reviews here– though you will have to log into the store. Thanks again

and keep creating