The Bean 336
The Bean 336
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Scene change….

Also starting at the beginning of the year we will go to twice a week for a while- with so much going on – i dont want any break in updating …. this is the best – we will move back to tues and fridays if that is ok.

Also please help our Kickstarter project for vol 2-  we broke the $3000 mark and have about 2 grand to go.

We are over halfway there with 21 days to go! But we still have a ways to go.

The best deal is the $30 pledge, you will get both vol 1 & 2. Thanks again for all your support. You can pledge here at the Bean vol 2: the Lost Prince. 

If you enjoy this tale please tell your friends, get them to help support vol 2.

Keep creating and thanks for all the help.



Ruthie » 7 Dec 2012 » Reply

Love the irate yaks here. I almost here them conversing… Yak 1 “Okay, so maybe we should have gone further south this winter.”. Yak 3 “So it’s your fault we’re freezing out here, eh?”. Yak 4 “You are soo gonna get it for this!”. Yak 2 “Just kill me now! If I have to keep listening to the three of you argue any longer…” 😀

Asryth » 14 Dec 2011 » Reply

Snow yaks? Not mult oxen?

    Trav the bean » 14 Dec 2011 » Reply

    why not- though the correct term is mult oxen – yet no-one would have known that

Grey Matter » 14 Dec 2011 » Reply

"Selfishly sad" does seem to cover my feelings, as well. But I can understand (if not fully relate) to the amount of work you have to do, trav. Take your time, don't stress, and do what you need to do. We'll always be here. 🙂

    trav » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

    Not stressed as much… one thing that has opened up for me is more time to comment on comments. This is a good thing…maybe shoptalk will return

sfbell09 » 14 Dec 2011 » Reply

All I can think of is Eddie Murphy in 'The Golden Child' saying: "Hey, I'm gonna need a butler or something since my a$$ is frozen to this yak!"

Like how sturdy they look in the panel though. Selfishly sad for the moving to two days a week posting, but completely understand. Best of Luck with everything Travis!

    trav » 14 Dec 2011 » Reply

    it will be for a few months- i know it's not fair or fun- just has to happen

Frankfurter » 14 Dec 2011 » Reply

Love the Yaks. Yaks are awesome. Though I've never met one and don't particularly care for cows.

    trav » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

    they have nice warm coats for winter

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