The Bean 29
The Bean 29
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dreambigadI get a lot of questions on why I do not update more of the story quicker.  Well I am trying. This project is not an easy project, especially one that I share for free. Plus the only way at the moment to gain momentum for the book and story to grow is to color it. It needs to be color so I am working diligently on coloring the original books as well. This means I am updating 3 times a weeks. 2 color pages and one b/w.

I want you to know I am very committed to sharing this story with you. I still though have to cover expenses and keep the kids fed. One of the ways you can support this project is through patreon. A $1 pledge per color update (which can be capped at any time) is all that is being asked. As more funds come in, I am able to devote more time to posting more pages of the comic. Which would mean more b/w updates.

Another way is picking up the hardcopies for your self.

I am very thankful and grateful for all the support in making this adventure a reality. Your support over the years has been incredible and bean would not be here, if was not for that.

So that is why I can only update one b/w page per week and why I am coloring 2 pages a week. It’s not that I am not paying attention to the story, I am just trying to figure out the future of my story and where it is going to end up.

Your help is crucial.

thank you