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The Bean 349
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I realized that one of the things that made this fun, was the importance of sharing the process. There is so much going on that I felt it would be cool to invite you into my world on where I am at with the story and what the future has to hold. Thanks jason of remind for the great idea.

First off – Each chapter was originally a book – (the are 38 pages to each chapter) So as you can see there is quite a bit of work to do. What is cool is vol 2 is going to press this weekend. Right now vol 3 is about half-way done. My goal is to have it done by Comic Con- yet we shall see. I might release it at ape. It all depends on how quickly I can get the work done. I am starting my show schedule in mar…so things are going to busy again.

I appreciated all the wonderful comments from the last update. It was good for me. I know that 2 updates a week sucks, i personally hate it. Yet if I didnt slow down a little I would have been completely overwhelmed. That is a scary situation as an artist. It can cause you to completely shut down which in my opinion is not good for anyone.

Like I said – the big excitement for the week is that vol 2 should be ready for press by friday.Keep your fingers crossed-




SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

Nothing ever is.
Only a fool expects fairness or whines at its absence.

@maplemusketeer » 23 Jan 2012 » Reply

Having a pace that is manageable and not over-daunting is very important! 😀 This is definitely a marathon and not a sprint. I appreciate the work you're doing and know that you are creating a legacy of awesome that will echo down the ages 😀

Celtic Traveler » 23 Jan 2012 » Reply

What? He died?!

someone » 23 Jan 2012 » Reply

So, he’s indeed dead. It was a bit ambiguous before. Well, Ravna, it’s time for you to forge your own destiny, instead of just being a “hero’s girlfriend”.

sfbell09 » 23 Jan 2012 » Reply

Great emotions on Ravna and the Troll (sorry, his name eludes me right now.) I really like the update grids that you and Jason provide. They are excellent tools for informing the readers, who if are anything like me, enjoy seeing the process you go through to bring us this comic wonder.


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