The Bean 380
The Bean 380
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380 – I looked at this today and said – wow- and then did a double wow as I prepped page 412. That’s a lot of pages and I still have a long ways to go. I do get frustrated though about the time thing. I wish I could draw this all day long, then I would update 5 times a week. That would be pretty cool, yet the only way that is going to happen, is if we sell more books:)

I am also doing my phoenix comic con prep this week and next. I cannot believe my favorite show of the year is 3 weeks away.

Thank you also for the support during my rough health patch these last few weeks. It has been a rather rough ride, one that I have not fully recovered, but I am close. Thank you,  all your kind comments and suggestions have been appreciated. I should be back in full swing on commenting soon.

Well keep creating.


by the  way does anyone read this?



Zachary » 10 May 2012 » Reply

I read this! all the time! As soon as I get the money I'm buying my next set of books!! 🙂 I can't wait!

brian » 10 May 2012 » Reply

Yes I read this every day. Funny. BTW I LOVE this story, keep it up. It is unique and like no other comic on the web.

Seth Kimball » 10 May 2012 » Reply

I have your RSS feed in my Google reader. I read every day you update, including the blog post, but I don't generally comment.

The longer the story goes the more I'm impressed with your stamina. I'm a designer and illustrator, but it's really difficult to do extra work that doesn't immediately pay. Keep creating!

Schlumpfgermane » 10 May 2012 » Reply

"by the way does anyone read this?"

Yes, even people from Germany read this.

"yet the only way that is going to happen, is if we sell more books:)"

I think you have an international audiance here, perphaps it's possible for you to publish the E-book-version of your comic in different languages ?

I Like to read your comic and several others but unfortunately (for me ;-)) the most of them are in englisch and i'm not very good at it.

    Trav the bean » 30 May 2012 » Reply

    Thank you – the comic is available at the store if you would pick up there. In both a digital form for ipads, tablets and computers and a printed copy

lithicbee » 10 May 2012 » Reply

I enjoy reading the author's notes on webcomics; it is an idea I stole for my serial SF story because I like the connection it can create.

tancread » 10 May 2012 » Reply

"by the way does anyone read this?"

The one major thing I learned in college was to always read the introduction and any author's notes. I have learned so much more from doing this anywhere it is available than I ever would have otherwise. So yes, everytime.

Bub » 10 May 2012 » Reply

I completely agree with Odo, I visit beanleafpress several times a week to catch the comments and blog update to see if anything has changed. The only 2 comics I follow routinely is The Bean, and Goblins; I'm particularly fond of your work. Thank you for The Bean! Keep Creating!

Odo » 10 May 2012 » Reply

I not only look at the art, but I read the blog, too. I don't often comment, but I do read it. I find that it provides environment to the art.

In this case the art is particularly awesome.

sfbell09 » 10 May 2012 » Reply

I cannot imagine how much time and effort all of those figures took. Such an impressive scale for today. Thanks Travis!

Sgt. Zemyrxnlpto » 10 May 2012 » Reply

Ha! We, the ghostly spirits of the rats who have passed into the beyond, are always watching for plot reveals, and details that will . . .. Oooops! ignore that


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