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The Bean 358
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Hi all- working hard.

Vol 2 is off the press and they are sending me a copy tomorrow and so that means it will or should ship tomorrow afternoon to us. I am soooooo excited about getting the hard copy of the book.

Also Vol 1 and Vol 2 is now available at the store as a downloadable pdf. Just click the cover of the vol you will need and order a digital copy of the book.  It’s $4.00 per book, which is a 170 pages of fantasy goodness. Plus it helps cover hosting and other expenses that allows me to keep telling the story.

  click to order the  downloadable version of vol 1

click to order the  downloadable version of vol 2

Well keep creating and thanks for the support-



BillT » 14 Mar 2012 » Reply

When Theron's axe first appeared in #185, it was a woodsman's single-bitted tree-lopper — now, it's morphed into a right proper fighting axe. I hope you're going to give him a chance to use it that way…

sfbell09 » 23 Feb 2012 » Reply

I love a man who knows exactly where his axe is.

Leszek Cyfer » 23 Feb 2012 » Reply

I bought both pdf's and cannot recommend them enough.
And I consider 4$ a steal. I'd bought them even for twice as much 🙂

    Trav the bean » 23 Feb 2012 » Reply

    so your saying i should raise the price? 🙂 actually i am not going to do that

      Leszek Cyfer » 23 Feb 2012 » Reply

      And I'm glad I'd gotten them at such advantageous price.
      All I'm saying is they're worth buying 🙂

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