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The Bean 360
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Hey gang – i will add more in a bit- i am trying to repair the store…. I have some really cool things to talk about – talk with you in a bit





Grey Matter » 1 Mar 2012 » Reply

I imagine the next page will consist of Theron falling asleep while Tia goes on and on about her fairy abilities. Upon realizing Papa is no longer listening, I imagine her poking his nose a time or two, then harrumphing, and sitting down on his arm to keep watch, albeit with an indignant air. Tia's grump-face will be too adorable, and my monitor will explode.

Yep, that's how it will go. 😉

    cat » 1 Mar 2012 » Reply

    That is a cute idea. I just think it is a good thing that she is still excited. She will be able to help keep Theron's spirits up. I have a feeling that will be important later.

sfbell09 » 1 Mar 2012 » Reply

I think it is just one more reason Tia is special. Though I am sure she will be very helpful to Theron.

Odo » 1 Mar 2012 » Reply

It might be nice if Tia could lend a little bit of that ability to stand cold and heat to Papa. Or just keep him warm (though since he's out of the wind and dry that shouldn't be that much of a problem.)

She is a piece of work, though.

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