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The Bean 361
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Sorry for the lack of silence this last weekend. I’ve had quite a bit of repair work to do to the shop. Yet it is done and the end result is a store system that is more friendly, better designed and very functional. If you posted an order in the old store- i still have those and they will go out this week. Sorry for changing it up on you. Yet it was needed. Please take a moment and check it out.

Plus – you will notice you can leave reviews and ask questions. I would hope if you have already have the books or a print you will add a review. That is all I ask.

You will have to log in and sign in again- whole new operating system, but it is a much more secure one. Also international shipping is only for canada. I am setting up the rest this week, there is still a little bit of work to do. Yet it works and I am happy.

Also book 2 is now available and shipping this week. Kickstarter books will be shipping in two weeks. I do sign and draw in every book. I am really excited and will be posting a few photos of the books in my living room. All signing will happen this week. Thanks again of all the great support.

Ok onto today’s comic update.


Oh- please oh please leave a review in the store and let me know what you think about it.


Trollsmyth » 14 Apr 2012 » Reply

To Build a Fire, by Jack London. Just sayin'. 😉

Mutterscrawl » 5 Mar 2012 » Reply

Shouldn't you… -not- start a fire under a tree with snow cause the smoke and heat will melt it and bury you? D:

    Grey Matter » 5 Mar 2012 » Reply

    I'm also worried about oxygen levels under that tree with its fire. Even Tia needs to breathe air!

    trav » 5 Mar 2012 » Reply

    6. If you find yourself in open terrain, a snow cave will provide good shelter. Find a drift and burrow a tunnel into the side for about 60 cm (24 in) then build your chamber. The entrance of the tunnel should lead to the lowest level of you chamber where the cooking and storage of equipment will be. A minimum of two ventilating holes are necessary, preferably one in the roof and one in the door. for a visual visit

    Since he has retreated into the base of a large tree – there are still holes for ventilation – the fire he would have built would be candle size… this makes things safer. There is space there so he would be able to move around and create a environment that would allow a little heat also. This will keep him relatively safe.:)

    I dont think theron would have built a bonfire:)

      Grey Matter » 8 Mar 2012 » Reply

      I didn't think about the tree having extra holes for ventilation. I just saw a snow-covered tree and got worried. Perhaps I have more invested in this comic that I had originally thought. 😉

sfbell09 » 5 Mar 2012 » Reply

I enjoy the back and forth play between Tia and Theron. It sounds like perhaps she may frustrate him every once in a while. A good parent/child type relationship.

    trav » 5 Mar 2012 » Reply

    had fun with that

Leszek Cyfer » 5 Mar 2012 » Reply

She sounds so like Yoda, Tia does…

    trav » 5 Mar 2012 » Reply

    you are imagining that:)

      Leszek Cyfer » 5 Mar 2012 » Reply

      "Careful, burn down the forest, you might" 🙂

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