The Bean 379
The Bean 379
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Best day so far health wise- I have to go back tomorrow- I am not thrilled about that but I am trying to get my health back in gear.  Jaw is still tender and sore, but it is healing. Nothing like trauma to the jaw.

The only issue is the last 3 weeks my work load is now backed up right now. I tried to keep up but it’s hard to work when you hurt:)

Yet I have about 28 pages that are uploading in the next few days. This is good.

thanks again for the support



Andrew Johnson » 8 Jun 2020 » Reply

You have a wonderful ability to create "living environments". I can look at the backgrounds in your comics and see the history of how each element happened, whether additive or reductive. This adds a layer of visceral pleasure to looking at your comics, similar to an ASMR feeling. It has also added some verisimilitude to the sets I make for theatre and the descriptions I do for the roleplaying games that I run. People notice and compliment me on it, and I credit it back to you for putting those considerations in my mind.

Ruthie » 7 Dec 2012 » Reply

I am wondering now… The city they are walking through, was it once above ground, then destroyed, buried, and a new city/landscape grown over it? I also wonder if that crater was created by one of those barrel bombs the gobblins used to attack that city from Bean’s dream. Also, might this be that very same city Ganadon was attacking?

    Trav the bean » 7 Feb 2013 » Reply

    nope this city was built underground for the most part. Ganadon fought more to the north

just_idd » 8 May 2012 » Reply

I was going to mention the plural thing as well, but since that has been covered so well, already I'll mention that unless you're lactose intolerant drinking slightly cooler than body temperature milk can sometimes help dental pain. Take a drink, hold it in your mouth then swallow. I think it is a mix between the coolness, the calcium, and the suspended solids in the milk.

MickC » 7 May 2012 » Reply

Thank you for keeping Bean going while you deal with your health issues. It's a credit to you, and a pleasure for us. I hope your jaw heals fully and soon!

idj » 7 May 2012 » Reply

Hi, Trav. A small issue. Last word bubble. ''guest' should be 'guests' in order to keep the sentence correct. Either 'guests are arriving' or 'guest is arriving', but he's been talking in the plural to this point so 'guests are' is better.

Great work!

lithicbee » 7 May 2012 » Reply

The residents of Heartleaf (if I am getting that right, from memory) are on their way! Plus, I like how there are so many visual cues about the great war that must have occurred here. Unburied bodies long since decomposed into bleached skeletons, giant craters in the floor where some massive war hammer perhaps narrowly missed crushing the life out of a nimble defender. More reasons why I like the underground scenes.

sfbell09 » 7 May 2012 » Reply

Who's coming for dinner? I'd guess some villagers recently displaced. The skeleton warrior was a nice touch.

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