The Bean 396
The Bean 396
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WOW! we hit it in 3 days!!!!! WOW! WOW! WOW! well we have 57 days left- so for those that want to continue to invest in this project and we would love to have you part of this. As the funding grows I am going to add some stretch goals.

I figure at the 10000 mark I will add several more pages to the book

at the 20000 mark- I will add a whole new book dealing with all the side art. I will figure out how to add this into the rewards…. but if we print two books i want the backers to get 2 books.

Thanks again so much for the support and help- lets see how hi we can make this go to help keep these books in print.


every time we go up $250 I will post a new piece of artwork about the bean story on kickstarter.

Keep creating.



eO_Jande » 6 Jul 2012 » Reply

It's your delightful attention to detail that always gives me a little frisson of happiness: The huge impact cracks on the walls above where the afflicting rocks have landed tell another small side story all their own. These details make the world itself a character in your story and add layers more depth.

DadaHyena » 5 Jul 2012 » Reply

Nice! Great sense of space and perspective!

    trav » 5 Jul 2012 » Reply

    thank you – I am glad you like it

Susan » 5 Jul 2012 » Reply

No surprises on reaching your goal so quickly, you do have an invested fan base after all!

Grey Matter » 5 Jul 2012 » Reply

I love panels like this one. The cutaway into the earth is wonderful!

Now, where's Theron going and how are all the people from Heartleaf doing? [Suspense! My one Kryptonite!]

    trav » 5 Jul 2012 » Reply

    Thank you – as for all your questions 1/2 of them will be answered soon:)

@tigermoph » 5 Jul 2012 » Reply

Masterful! You really are quite good at this whole panelling business.

    trav » 5 Jul 2012 » Reply

    🙂 I am glad you like the panel work

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