The Bean 400
The Bean 400
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Added a new update at our kickstarter project. Big artwork update there as well just click the graphic to go check it out. Plus we are moving towards our 10000 mark. That means 8 extra pages for everyone. Tell your friends.

Ok on to other information and updates.

I have 33 pages left to finish all the art in Book 3. I am really enjoying working on this section. Also I if you haven’t noticed I am working on some new big prints.

PLUS!!!! This is #400, how cool is that. 400 strips of the bean.  I am amazed:) now onto the next 400.

Well keep creating.



Ruthie » 7 Dec 2012 » Reply

Only 400? It feels like I just read 1,000 at least, there has been so much good stuff! Also, I appreciate this moment of respect for losses they are showing by saying “mistress” and “master”. Touching scene.

msouth » 23 Jul 2012 » Reply

aaaaand cue the Ravna/Fencer shippers! (Actually they were probably already all in a few pages back, but this is clearly a squee-inducing moment.)

    Trav the bean » 31 Jul 2012 » Reply

    you just lost me

      msouth » 31 Jul 2012 » Reply

      Sorry–I thought this slang was pretty widespread (or maybe I'm not understanding what you're not understanding).

      "shipper" is slang for people hoping a relationship will develop between two characters in serial fiction. "squee" is a sound of delight made by a fan seeing something adorable or long waited for or that they're particularly excited about or whatever. The look of concern on Fencer's face in the last panel says he cares, and a shipper is going to be hoping he cares (or will soon be caring) in a more-than-friends way.

      I'm also guessing that people who are hoping this will work out into a relationship had already noticed her having lost a handsome, dashing, heroic warrior and another handsome, dashing, hero showing up in the story. By page 397 where it's clear they're in the same area, there was no doubt already a following among some readers hoping for such an outcome. Those readers would be said to be "shipping" for Ravna and Fencer.

      I apologize if this isn't what you were asking about and I've just talked down to you for a whole long comment!

        Trav the bean » 7 Feb 2013 » Reply

        i just learned something new:) that is awesome I had never realized that. As for a relationship I dont think she is ready for that:)

Abe » 21 Jul 2012 » Reply

"It's all I HAVE left." Per seems the educated type.

@Rafnasil » 20 Jul 2012 » Reply

Heartbreaking that is. No matter how strong she is that will take some time to recover from.

    trav » 22 Jul 2012 » Reply

    it is a real emotion to deal with. I tried to draw inspiration from refugees during world war ii. Completely uprooted and their lives turned inside out. From what I have read it is quite numbing experience. Though the children turned out to be the strongest, being able to heal rather quickly from the fears of war around them, through imaginations. Ravna though has some deep pain that hopefully she will be able to overcome.

Grey Matter » 19 Jul 2012 » Reply

Poor Ravna. But it is neat to see the city bustling again. 🙂

lithicbee » 19 Jul 2012 » Reply

Congratulations on 400 pages! Poor Ravna…

MaxArt » 19 Jul 2012 » Reply

Congratulation for 400th!

Leszek Cyfer » 19 Jul 2012 » Reply

And the story moves forward. Yay! 🙂

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