The Bean 409
The Bean 409
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That’s right only 10 days left to back the Bean Vol 3.  If you back this project you get all sorts of cool benefits — like your name in the back of the book and a free sketch in the front of every printed book. There are also other perks to backing the bean. 8 pages of new story, plus the higher the pledge the more goodies you get, including maps, artwork and even you as a character in book 4. Once again thanks to everyone that supports the bean and other great independent art projects.

Today’s comic update and other Bean news:

One of the questions I have, is how does a little dragon get a castle? I am working  pretty hard on finishing book 3 I have about 12 pages left to draw and ink and I am now drawing one of my favorite characters of the story. I’ve waited a long time to draw her, so I can’t wait to introduce her to you all.

well keep creating




Jeffersmurf » 5 May 2014 » Reply

Now why does he look sad in that last panel I wonder?

michaeljsouth » 20 Aug 2012 » Reply

The "click to support the bean" picture just links to the picture, doesn't take you to the kickstarter.

(For anyone looking for the kickstarter, I think the link is:

[note: If you want to remove this comment when you get the image link fixed, feel free.]

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