The Bean 445
The Bean 445
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From my family to all of you, we would like to pass on some warm christmas greetings. May your days be merry, bright and we hope you remember that you take the spirit of the season, which is giving and apply to your whole year. Serve each other and be kind-

love travis, janell, krystia, ian, audrey, josh and sophia….

Thank you all so much for supporting the Bean


Susan » 28 Dec 2012 » Reply

SnaleKing – how beautifully put! I concur. Thank you Travis, your strip is something I always look forward to and your books something I treasure.

    trav » 3 Jan 2013 » Reply

    wohoo:) thank you susan- it's hearing comments like the two above that keep me going.

SnaleKing » 24 Dec 2012 » Reply

No no, thank YOU my good sir! Thank you for sharing this epic adventure with us all. Everything you draw has an indescribable air of wonder, like you took a picture of a child's imagination.

The Bean is amazing: I watch, enraptured, the events to unfold in the land beneath the shattered moon.

    trav » 3 Jan 2013 » Reply

    you are welcome- i am so glad you are enjoying the tale

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