Time to jump into the newest chapter of the bean. The book is in final edits with it’s 3rd editor. You might find mistakes on the web, but all of them should be taken care of. We went through every page on the web and took all that was pointed out and dropped them into […]

I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far. So I have question for you first of all before we get into the nitty-gritty. Who’s your favorite character of the story so far and why… I like to ask this every now and then. Ok on to comic updates and book progress. Book 3 has […]

Win an original ink by Me- Yup an original one of a kind, dragon ink. You have to enter the contest and to find out the rules, just click the image below to find out all the details. Book 3 updates. I am almost done with it and it should be heading to press next […]

Today is the day we call the winner of the $150 print. Click here for all the fun. Also Book 3 is going to the printer today. Pretty wild to see this happening. Ok gonna be a busy day – prepping for APE this week as well. Anyways keep creating- trav

Quick update-The books are at the printer.Very excited about that and the to all those that backed our kickstarter project, your digital version of book 3 has been sent to you. Keep an eye out in your spam folder. Ok I am prepping for ape now and will be off and on for the next […]

sorry- got back from ape- no journal update with this update – but I am working on the APE review and the a new shop talk keep creating. trav

Well it’s time to do another FB contest. This is for the Travis Hanson Bean Fan Page. I am giving away another custom piece of art. This time with a twist, every time we hit a hundred shares, I will add another winner. This contest goes until Oct 30th. Also the digital version of book […]

Today’s update – I really like today’s update. I think it adds so much more to the character of thaddeus and his motivations. Something that has been discussed these last few months. Also book proofs have been sent back to the printer and the book is on the press. We are almost at the end […]

Finished the first page of book 4- That is good. Exciting. Book 3 is on press. They told me after the 5th it should all ship. I hate waiting personally 🙂 But once we get the books we drop it all to get the rewards out. Also finishing all the little extras, Maps, etc… Well […]

Back in town- which is good. We should have book 3 in about week. Now back to being creative- trav  

Getting ready for the tucson comic con this weekend. Last show of the year and then i get a few month off. I have a lot of appearances already set up for next year. I will post my con schedule for next year in a few weeks. Today’s update: As you can see there is […]

Back from the tuscon comic con and still sick as a dog… we’ll talk later. keep creating trav

Still sick – but at least i am improving- it is nice to finally be back working- now i have a lot to catch up on. People to pester and art to create. keep creating trav

Hi all There is a slight delay on book 3 the spines were damaged from the printer. They are repairing everything and working at getting me about 500 or so to fill all the kickstarter updates. This problem adds about 3 weeks before i will get them – meaning they might ship late decemeber. I […]

Back to the underground we go. As with this being thanksgiving i will be in and out. Though i am working on penciling the next few pages of book 4- lots of fun. keep creating trav

Also I will be around more often. I have a lot of cool things going on. I should be getting book 3 also this week. Which means I will be doing a lot of signing and sketching. Keep creating. trav  

So tonight, or last night, depending on when you have read this page. I started a very exciting project. I tried to sign about 600 books – 3, 2 and 1. Nothing like finally getting the kickstarter rewards in full gear. Books should start shipping in about 2 weeks. Well back to signing. Keep creating […]

Ok almost done with all the kickstarter rewards, the sickness and the side projects. After this week we should be able to jump back into the world of bean full time. Thanks for the support and keep creating trav

Amazed by how some educators, teachers and people in general treat comics and comic creators. Like we are all lazy, non-talented story tellers, who produce work of nothing but pictures that has no value for kids and that our careers are basically a joke…. you are really misguided. Comics are not just about zombies and […]

1st off – thank you to everyone that participated in the kickstarter project to get book 3 printed. You were amazing and I can tell you that all the books and rewards have been sent. I could not have done this without you. I am grateful and humbled by your help. Also for everyone that […]

Things are going good- Working on some awesome projects right now, including book 4. Pretty excited about where book 4 is going, it’s really been a wild ride in scripting. Also if you want to pick up a few prints and some books, head on over to the store. If you order before the 20th […]

From my family to all of you, we would like to pass on some warm christmas greetings. May your days be merry, bright and we hope you remember that you take the spirit of the season, which is giving and apply to your whole year. Serve each other and be kind- love travis, janell, krystia, […]

From my family to all of you, we would like to pass on some warm christmas greetings. May your days be merry, bright and we hope you remember that you take the spirit of the season, which is giving and apply to your whole year. Serve each other and be kind- love travis, janell, krystia, […]

New page and prepping for the new year. Hope you guys are having a fantastic day- keep creating- trav

Happy New Year. I hope you enjoy the updates- Make your goals your adventures. Let them become a quest and every quest needs a good map. So just dont write out your goal, map it out and then follow the path to the x. Watch for traps and pitfalls, look for the clues to make […]

Webcomic artists- a little shop talk – If you are telling an epic story with your webcomic, don’t be afraid of backgrounds and environments. Seriously, make your world stand out. If you cannot draw backgrounds, rooms, places etc… I would suggest you start to figure out how. You limit your ability to tell a story […]

Settling into the new year. Book 4 is in full swing- and I mean full swing. I am averaging about a page a night. Got a strong goal to get this done by oct of next year. The goal is 20 pages a month. This includes new prints, some new website redesign, and some other […]

Today is update 450. Can you believe that? 450 comic updates. I am very happy with that. Here’s to 450 more updates and then some. Thanks for helping make this possible. trav  

Just wanted to encourage you to stop by the shop and check out all my other prints and books. Thanks again for all the support that you have given me to keep the bean going. Keep creating. Trav  

So how is everyone doing today? I hope well…. me- just working – posting new art (you can see on the homepage) trav

If you hadn’t noticed I am in the process of a little redecorating. I am doing this because, one, I wanted to increase the speed of the site’s upload time and, two, I wanted to give people a reason to come back on non-comic update days.  As many of you know I also do art […]

Bean webcomic update- ok the next 36 pages have been scanned. It looks good and I am starting laying out the text this week. Really pleased with how the story is evolving and changing. Also if you haven’t noticed I have added a lot of new prints and artwork not related to the bean. I […]

dont worry bean 4 is still very strong in production. 🙂 it should come out at the end of the year. The art book is for my prints- most everything is drawn there. 🙂 It’s gonna be groovy trav

Bean updates Working on prepping the next 38 pages of the Bean. It’s looking good. Many times I talk about the need to create a buffer. This is how I do it. Hopefully in a week or so I will have these pages uploaded which is 19 weeks of updates. Makes it easy, especially as […]

Sorry for the late delay- but something fantastic has happened- just watch the video and it will explain everything trav

It’s out. I am working a special book that is dedicated to imagination and creativity.  It’s a full-color hard cover book and I am funding it through kickstarter. I am running a very limited run on this, because I want it to be special. There are some fantastic rewards and we are gonna have a […]

I guess it popped up a day early…. no worries – anyways- the kickstarter project has almost reached in initial funding point- we are almost there.  So if you want in on this very very limited artbook- nows the chance to do it. Stretch goals are coming… 🙂 – Just click the image below Also […]

Book 4 Bean update- working hard on book 4, in fact monday we start updating book 4 here. So jazzed about that. Kickstarter update – 300 people are now sharing my adventure. I am really excited about this. If you want to join this adventure just follow the kickstarter link on the side of the […]

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