The Bean 472
The Bean 472
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Hi all,

Just finished wondercon last night and realized that i had forgotten to put a small note here. As my fans know the page updates automatically, but I do like to personalize. This evening I will be posting my wondercon adventure as well as all the other cool things that have been going on.

Also a strong welcome to all my new readers and fans from the show. If you are new to the site just click the link on the right to take you to the beginning of the story and then hang on to the adventure. As you will know I am an epic story teller that likes to craft his story at his own pace. I hope you enjoy

keep creating-



SotiCoto » 9 Sep 2013 » Reply

Ok, so he knows what the sword is… and thus by association he can probably tell what their goal is…

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    he knows the sword is special – but that's about it.

Ben » 1 Apr 2013 » Reply

I don't trust him . . . but I bet they could take him, so I'm not too worried. Unless he makes off with the sword in the night . . . .

    Andy » 3 Apr 2013 » Reply

    Bean can just teleport it back anyway..

      trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

      can he? or does the sword return on it's own

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