Hi all- I hope you are enjoying the adventure so far. So there is a lot going on, a lot of fun stuff. If you might have noticed there have been some minor tweaks here and there on the website. One of the biggest things that have happened is a brand new store front. It […]

If you need something to do this weekend- and you are in SoCal, head on over to Wondercon and visit with us at booth 717. Click the image below to see the map. It’s a new venue but it still looks like a lot of fun. Also the story is getting good here at the […]

doing taxes right now…. sigh…. hey if you need something to do this weekend- and you are in SoCal, head on over to Wondercon and visit with us at booth 717. Click the image below to see the map. It’s a new venue but it still looks like a lot of fun.   Keep creating […]

“Like a flower in the garden the success of it’s beauty is cultivated through months of nurturing and caring.  Creating original art and stories are the same… for months and years the world seems to be against or just ignores you, yet in the end… the beauty of ones endurance shines through and the critics […]

We learn a little more of our mysterious new elf. I would also recommend going back and reading the first few 100 pages- a little bit more of the puzzle is completed. Also I have had the opportunity to go and play a bit with watercolors. It has been 14 years. I am using a […]

This week is Emerald City Comic Con- I will be there doing a kickstarter panel at this show. If you are in the area stop on by, it’s going to be an awesome week. Also I have a tumblr account- just another outlet for my creativity. I am also changing my artwork section again- I […]

Happy New Year. I hope you enjoy the updates- Make your goals your adventures. Let them become a quest and every quest needs a good map. So just dont write out your goal, map it out and then follow the path to the x. Watch for traps and pitfalls, look for the clues to make […]

Webcomic artists- a little shop talk – If you are telling an epic story with your webcomic, don’t be afraid of backgrounds and environments. Seriously, make your world stand out. If you cannot draw backgrounds, rooms, places etc… I would suggest you start to figure out how. You limit your ability to tell a story […]

Settling into the new year. Book 4 is in full swing- and I mean full swing. I am averaging about a page a night. Got a strong goal to get this done by oct of next year. The goal is 20 pages a month. This includes new prints, some new website redesign, and some other […]

Today is update 450. Can you believe that? 450 comic updates. I am very happy with that. Here’s to 450 more updates and then some. Thanks for helping make this possible. trav  

No matter how many times you edit you always miss something. It’s one word. It is also one of the few times that people will comment on the blog to show me i missed something. 🙂 Ok I know – it will be corrected in the 2nd printing. Not much I can do now, but […]

Just wanted to encourage you to stop by the shop and check out all my other prints and books. Thanks again for all the support that you have given me to keep the bean going. Keep creating. Trav  

Keep creating my friends. I have all sorts of new art and adventures that I am working on. Bean updates are strong as well. I am well into the 4th book, finishing off the first chapter. It’s been a very wild ride. I am really excited to what is happening in the story right now. […]

So how is everyone doing today? I hope well…. me- just working – posting new art (you can see on the homepage) trav

If you hadn’t noticed I am in the process of a little redecorating. I am doing this because, one, I wanted to increase the speed of the site’s upload time and, two, I wanted to give people a reason to come back on non-comic update days.  As many of you know I also do art […]

Bean update: Welcome to the next chapter of the bean. It’s nice getting into tons of new material. There’s a lot going to happen to our young hero:) Kickstarter update: We have 43 days left if you want to get one of my artbooks through the kickstarter program. Don’t get left behind:) There are some […]

Bean Notes: Nothing like a new character. It’s nice that I am out in the real world of the Broken Moon- I am looking forward to really watching it grow, develop and meeting new faces. It also becomes more about survival. Right now I am penciling and inking the 2nd chapter of this section. It’s […]

Welcome: If this your first time welcome. I hope you get a moment to experience my world. If you want to start from the beginning you can go here, you’ll be reading for a while, which is good. My story is epic and if you are reading it think Bone meets lord of the rings. […]

Kickstarter update: We are about to break the 1st Stretch Goal. I am really excited about this, I have designed a very special gift just for those that support my project. When we hit the stretch goal I have a print that will be made special for ALL reward tiers.  This print will not be […]

Kickstarter Update: Here’s the finished cover and also the FREE Print that will come with the book. You must be a backer of the Art book to get the Free Print. I am not putting some of these stretch goal pieces up for sale to the general public. If you want to join in just […]

Kickstarter Update: Time is running down on the Artbook – In fact in less than 25 days the funding will complete and than we jump on finishing this incredible adventure. The way it looks, we will prob be able to do the coloring book as well. I am sure hope so. Wondercon 2013:  WONDERCON Wondercon […]

Hi all, Just finished wondercon last night and realized that i had forgotten to put a small note here. As my fans know the page updates automatically, but I do like to personalize. This evening I will be posting my wondercon adventure as well as all the other cool things that have been going on. […]

Hello my fellow adventurers- Ok with just 2 weeks left- we are almost at our 2nd stretch goal, which is a COLORING BOOK! I am really excited about this coloring book. In fact I am looking forward to finishing this book off. The coloring book will be for every tier over $45 dollars. So if […]

Good day- I am in full artbook production right now- So as you can see I have been a little scarce. 🙂 Well let’s have some fun as we wait for the next update- If Bean were to be a movie, who would you cast. Actors can be living or dead…. sort of an ideal […]

Well let’s have some fun as we wait for the next update- If Bean were to be a movie, who would you cast. Actors can be living or dead…. sort of an ideal cast and realistic cast…. Bean…. This is a hard one- I would want bean to be both young and yet he has […]

Good Morning (unless you are reading this in the evening than good evening) So as you can see there have been a few changes to the site. I would say you can expect a few more as well. I just upgraded everything and now I am working on refining, cleaning and finishing things off. One […]

Why hello- First of Happy fourth! New update today – as well as a bunch of other cool changes to the site. First off I have a complete who’s who’s guide for the comic here http://www.beanleafpress.com/?comic=the-people-of-the-broken-moon-cast-page . Also if you notice on the side there are faces of who’s in todays update. You can see […]

Today is the 500th update of the BEAN. Can you believe it- 500 pages. I am really excited about it- It’s a celebration moment and a milestone. Also, if you have not noticed, I have a complete who’s who’s guide for the comic here http://www.beanleafpress.com/?comic=the-people-of-the-broken-moon-cast-page . Just look on the side and you will see […]

Time for a big reveal and a big reveal it is…. Grenels are not what they seem to be. Well back to SDCC Prep and on a side note, the art book starts the printing press. Really excited about it. keep creating trav  

  As you can tell its SDCC week. This is a busy week for me, so I will try to be around when I can. Yet if you are going to SDCC than come on by and hang out with us for a bit. Get a FREE Sketch and dress up. Keep Creating trav

I apologize right off the bat, if you posted a comment in the last ten episodes it might not be there. This is do to an small technical issue on importing that I hope to have fixed.  I feel really bad, but i think there should be no problems from now on. tra

Today we updated page 512 of my comic. What an accomplishment and still many more pages to go. So to celebrate here’s a special deal for those looking at picking up hard copies of my comic book series. Until August 30th, if you type in the code: SpecialBookdealVictoria you’ll get 15% off all Bean Comics […]

  Good morning my young adventurers… A lot of fantastic things are happening. This weekend I will be at the Tucson Comic Con – if you are in the area come one by for some free sketches.  Also I have 11 pages left of my new story which I will sharing soon. It’s about bears, […]

Good morning my young adventurers… I will be posting more about my Tucson adventure in it’s own post. Since i am traveling at the moment and I am not around my machince. If you want to read about my adventure- check out my blog postings on the home page. Keep Creating trav

Hi Guys – back from a fantastic show in Tucson. Had a blast. Now working on several projects, including the coloring of several KS rewards, should take about 2 weeks to finish.  Also Setting up my show schedule for next year. Gonna have some fun. Also check out the new shop talks on the home […]

  So much good stuff happening. Some very cools things coming down the pipeline for the bean as well as for my art in general. Also have a good veterans day. Especially those that have the day off to remember the sacrifices those men and woman did so people could enjoy freedoms that are taken […]

Greetings Adventurers. Been a busy week which is good. Planning for my last show of the year. The Long Beach Comic Con. Should be a good time this weekend. If you are in the area come on by and hang out. Get a free sketch. Also posted a few new shop-talks on the home page. […]

Just got back from the amazing comic con in phoenix- had a nice time though i lost my voice sat at 10 am. Not good when you are expected to talk at a convention. I will be posting my write up soon of the show. 🙂 keep creating

My heart is a little sad. As an artist and you get to do work for families, you get to know them a little more intimately, especially when they have kids. I love drawing for kids and families. Tonight i found out that one of these connections is passing on… it hurts. The child is […]

First off completely blown away from the review by I09.com. That was way cool. I am happy and the response has been incredible. I don’t even know where to be begin, so I will begin with a thank you. If you haven’t noticed 561 pages is a lot to read:). One of the drawbacks from […]

Saw the lego movie this weekend- all i can say was fantastic. It captured the way kids play as well as not dumbing it down. Loved it though i will say if they a made a movie just about batman- i would be all over it. Well worth watching. trav-

Getting close to the Emerald City Comic Con. Looking forward to heading up there this year. It’s a nice show to start the con season with. Also we are getting closer to the first stretch goal for my new book.  Keep creating, trav.  

hi all – just back from wondercon- it was a good show- more on that later… once i get settled in- Right now its the last day (meaning monday and part of tuesday  if you want to be a part of my new book- Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone.  Just click […]

Today I turn 43. A little older, a little wiser and a little more thoughtful. A big shout out to my family and friends that keep me focused and constantly moving forward. Thank you trav

Well after 15 years of being an art director I found out last monday that I am now unemployed. Grateful for the opportunity I had to help build that company from 11 employees to where it is today. I will surely miss working with them.Now there is a another door for me to go through… […]

Well hello, and what an incredible week it has been as I find my direction and follow the dream. As you can see I have joined Patreon and if you want to help support the coloring of the Bean comic, please do so. Patreon makes it easier for me to color and tell the story […]

I am amazed that we are hitting the 600 mark. It is really exciting. Also a big thanks to all those that supporting the Coloring of the Bean through the Patreon Campaign. I am working on the next two pages and there will be spoiler art posted and news posted in the Patreon secret blog. […]

So close to 600- wow and then we continue on. Also there will be color updates this week as well. I love how color makes the Bean’s world so much richer. Also thank you to those new patreon donors. You are making the coloring of the Bean possible. If you want to join in and […]

This is the big week- SDCC- There is a lot going on and I will be a little scarce, but updates both in color and b/w will still happen.  If you happen to be there- stop by the booth and get a free sketch. Also keep creating trav  

I hope all is well- we just got home from Comic-con – wow, what a trip. I will be posting my review in all it’s glory in the next day or so. Pretty beat down so I will just share the update…. Keep creating… oh and a new color page will be going up tomorrow. […]

I am so loving this section. Might have found one of my new favorite characters. I hope you are enjoying my adventure- And thank you to everyone that are helping with funding the coloring the bean. So if you want to read the bean in color- just click the beginning Keep creating trav  

Can you believe it- just 4 updates away from comic 600. All I can say is wow…. Just wow and what a ride and I am still going strong. This has been fun and the story is getting so much deeper and what is most important is I am having so much fun creating it. […]

3 shy of 600 can you believe it and the plot thickens… well not really it’s just stirred a little. One of the things is that I like to craft a story. Take my time. I know it gets hard waiting for weekly updates – though I update three times a week- two of those […]

Today I am now 2 shy of 600 pages of the comic update. 2 shy, what an adventure so far… and at the moment, though I know there is still much more of the tale to tell, I am feeling very very accomplished. Also to read the story in color just follow the graphic. What […]

  Hello my friends this is a show week. Yup we are heading off to the Salt Lake Comic Con. If you want to follow me you can follow me on instagram and fb. I will be posting tons of pics of my adventures. Looking forward to a incredible time with a lot of great […]

Well I almost missed today’s update. I took my daughter this weekend up to college with my wife. It was surreal and kind of a hard experience for me. Yet I am so proud of her on what she has accomplished. I look forward to seeing her in a couple of months. It will just […]

The adventure moves on – this is a big week for us as well. There are a lot of projects going on – including an adventure at the long beach comic con this weekend- where I will be a guest at. So if you are in the area this weekend come on by for some […]

Well, we are back from the Long Beach Comic Con. Had a great time, and I will be posting more about that in the next day or two. Plus a really big announcement in the next few days. Keep creating trav  

Good morning – Last thursday we launched our survey’s for everyone who backed my story Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone. I am really excited about this part of the project. It means that I will be able to launch book 4 of bean soon… very soon. (jan) Also if you missed […]

Hello my adventurers. Welcome to today’s update. First off- The con schedule for the end of the year is up. Tucson and Phoenix Fan Fest. I am excited about both shows. Tucson is the November show and Phoenix is in December. It will be a very nice way to end the year. 2nd- Also I […]

Sorry – my laptop connected to my old scanner went down and i have to get things fixed. So I am a little occupied at the moment and should have things back to normal by the end of the week (just as I leave for tucson). Keep creating trav  

Scanner is now up and running- sorry for the late update. Just got back from tucson comic con- so i am also getting back in the groove. A lot of great things are happening. trav  

I’m excited… really excited – I just love where the story is at right now and where it is going. I am also prepping the Chapters 13-16 for Book 4. This Kickstarter will start in January. I am really jazzed about this, because book 4 has been a long time coming. I understand that there […]

Good morning… Today’s question is who is your favorite character at the moment and why? Keep creating trav  

Good morning, I hope everyone’s holiday was peaceful and full of warmth and gratitude. I am currently working on finishing the art to book 4. I am almost done with it and I am looking forward to finally launching the kickstarter for this book. I am really excited about how it has progressed. Both in […]

Just got back from Phoenix Fan Fest so I am decompressing for a bit. I will have a review up shortly. Keep creating and keep dreaming big. trav

Good morning- I just want to wish everyone a wonderful and merry christmas. Be kind, compassionate and be grateful this year. trav  

20 years ago today – One gorgeous lady said she was willing to spend eternity with me. What an incredible adventure it has been. Literally through thick and thin. We have struggled, cried, laughed, dreamed and hoped together. It has been one of the most incredible rides I have ever been on and I am […]

Yup I am almost ready to launch the kickstarter to the next part of the story. Right now I am building up all the rewards (which if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them) as well as the graphics and the video. I am really excited about this book in the series […]

Yup I am hoping to have everything up and ready by late next week. If you want to see a sneak peak, or get a preview of what this kickstarter is all about come check it out. I am in the graphics and layout stages, so it has not been edited, but the rewards are […]

Good morning. I am working hard on finishing up the kickstarter for book 4- I have a video to finish which I will be working on this week as well as edits, clean up and all other sorts creative goodness. I should be launching soon- very very soon. If you want a preview of the […]

  620 pages today. I feel good about that.  I am almost done with the Kickstarter. That is a good thing. Right now I am editing all my errors 🙂 and I have the video up if you want to see it. Just click the big graphic below for the preview.  I will be launching […]

HI ALL! Well I launched the Kickstarter on Thursday of last week and in 12 hours we hit out initial goal. I am totally floored about the response so far on book 4. I am really excited about what is happening and where things are going. I was not expecting to hit the goal so […]

I just got back from Amazing Arizona Comic Con. It was a very nice show and we met and saw a lot of great people and had a fantastic time. Also the kickstarter is in full swing. The map goal is almost happening- just 1100 away. I am really excited about it. CHECK OUT KICKSTARTER […]

Good morning and what an incredible day. Today is the day I post the last page to book 4 🙂 We start chapter 17 next week which kicks off book 5. Wow I personally never imagined that I would be this far into the story. I am really excited about were it is going. Also […]

Chapter 17 – the hunted starts today. The first page of book 5…. 🙂 oh boy. Also I will be at the Emerald City Comic Con this weekend in seattle- come by for free sketches, for good times and great fun. trav  

Sometimes… one just needs to enjoy the scenery. Wondercon is now completed and the adventures move on. My next adventure is the LA Book Fair. Wondercon was wonderful and I am  very tired but extremely happy – I really enjoyed the wonderful spirit of the show and how things turned out. There were laughs, smiles […]

Good morning my friends- Today’s update deals with the beginnings of the helixshire origins. Also Bean is still in edits… you know me and dyslexia 🙂 So there are a few. I am also working on the map artwork, which is coming out incredible. Thank you again for all your incredible support and being there. […]

Just got back from the festival of books. I am pretty worn out, but i still got the update up. It was a fantastic fun festival. Working on finishing the edits this week and hopefully in two weeks i will have abook ready for print. trav  

Today is a big day- I am setting up Book 4 to go to print tonight- I am very excited with what is happening and how things are turning out. I am finishing off a few last minute corrections for the interior and the cover. This is exciting to see what is finally happening and […]

The kickstarter rewards are going out now. In fact I bet that many of you have now received book 4 already and are devouring it as we speak. A lot of good things are going on here. I have the first two chapters colored. I am looking at kickstarting  the books in color this fall. […]

This is the week of comic con. If you are the show come visit me for free sketches and lots of fun at table e01. It’s gonna be a blast. Also I hope you enjoy today’s update. More questions than answers. Keep creating. trav  

Ever moving forward – and I am excited about how the color is adding so much more of a mood to the story. It is giving it such a more cinematic feel to it. So what’s  going on with  this adventure…. Well I did some major changes to my Patreon campaign. It’s now only a […]

I was sitting here looking at the title of the comic and realized that I have drawn over 646 pages of one story. I don’t plan to stop either. I am in awe over how this story has evolved and how I have grown as human being because of it. A tale of dishwasher, who […]

Good morning – or good day- depending on where you at. Today’s update is all about trust… or who do you trust? We are also moving into the new month of our patreon campaign. A great way to support comics or other art projects. There is no obligations but there are some perks. In fact […]

This weeks update throws us deeper into the world of Culver’s Gulch.  So curious on people’s feelings about the color work at the moment. It’s been about a month since we changed the comic from b/w to color. The transition has involved more work but I feel that it has really added to the story. […]

Today is update 650. Can you believe it- 650 updates … wow…. wow. The saga just keeps growing and  as I look back I am enjoying the growth and maturity in my art. It’s an interesting journey looking back over ones work for the last several years and seeing where it is going.  

Good morning – Enjoy today’s update, it has been fun working on these pages and many more are to come.  Nothing like a bit of intrigue to start the morning. So today is question and answer day… you can ask me almost anything about the comic and I will be more than willing to answer… […]

This week is Salt Lake City Comic Con week. I am soo looking forward to hanging out at this show. Come hang out for free sketches and all sorts of fun. trav  

just got back from Salt Lake City Comic Con- it was quite the adventure. Glad to be home and it was nice to see that the show improved over the last year. More to come – taking a rest for a moment keep creating. trav  

Good morning – sorry for the late post this morning- i’m not feeling well this morning – but i am going to make sure the show goes on. Thanks again for the support…. trav

One of things that i enjoy about this story… is when I complete circles…  Meaning events that were mentioned long ago now come full circle. This is one of those circles and I am really excited about finally getting to this point. In fact this was one of those sections of the tale, that I […]

Good morning. Quick update today. I am prepping for the Tucson Comic con. Looking forward to an weekend – but I needed to make sure that I got this page up. Keep creating trav  

Good morning- sorry I am a little late today. I got in really late from the tucson comic con last night and what an incredible trip that was. I love the small to mid size cons, I love the big shows as well, but those small shows really allow me to chat and talk with […]

Bean makes a choice…. First I started a new redbubble account click here for trav’s redbubble store This is were you will find a ton of new shirt and mug designs. I finally figured it was time to offer my work on shirts etc… if there is a design you want to see online- than […]