Bean Notes: Nothing like a new character. It’s nice that I am out in the real world of the Broken Moon- I am looking forward to really watching it grow, develop and meeting new faces. It also becomes more about survival. Right now I am penciling and inking the 2nd chapter of this section. It’s […]

Welcome: If this your first time welcome. I hope you get a moment to experience my world. If you want to start from the beginning you can go here, you’ll be reading for a while, which is good. My story is epic and if you are reading it think Bone meets lord of the rings. […]

Kickstarter update: We are about to break the 1st Stretch Goal. I am really excited about this, I have designed a very special gift just for those that support my project. When we hit the stretch goal I have a print that will be made special for ALL reward tiers.  This print will not be […]

Kickstarter Update: Here’s the finished cover and also the FREE Print that will come with the book. You must be a backer of the Art book to get the Free Print. I am not putting some of these stretch goal pieces up for sale to the general public. If you want to join in just […]

Kickstarter Update: Time is running down on the Artbook – In fact in less than 25 days the funding will complete and than we jump on finishing this incredible adventure. The way it looks, we will prob be able to do the coloring book as well. I am sure hope so. Wondercon 2013:  WONDERCON Wondercon […]

Hi all, Just finished wondercon last night and realized that i had forgotten to put a small note here. As my fans know the page updates automatically, but I do like to personalize. This evening I will be posting my wondercon adventure as well as all the other cool things that have been going on. […]

Hello my fellow adventurers- Ok with just 2 weeks left- we are almost at our 2nd stretch goal, which is a COLORING BOOK! I am really excited about this coloring book. In fact I am looking forward to finishing this book off. The coloring book will be for every tier over $45 dollars. So if […]

Good day- I am in full artbook production right now- So as you can see I have been a little scarce. 🙂 Well let’s have some fun as we wait for the next update- If Bean were to be a movie, who would you cast. Actors can be living or dead…. sort of an ideal […]

Well let’s have some fun as we wait for the next update- If Bean were to be a movie, who would you cast. Actors can be living or dead…. sort of an ideal cast and realistic cast…. Bean…. This is a hard one- I would want bean to be both young and yet he has […]

Good Morning (unless you are reading this in the evening than good evening) So as you can see there have been a few changes to the site. I would say you can expect a few more as well. I just upgraded everything and now I am working on refining, cleaning and finishing things off. One […]

Why hello- First of Happy fourth! New update today – as well as a bunch of other cool changes to the site. First off I have a complete who’s who’s guide for the comic here . Also if you notice on the side there are faces of who’s in todays update. You can see […]

Today is the 500th update of the BEAN. Can you believe it- 500 pages. I am really excited about it- It’s a celebration moment and a milestone. Also, if you have not noticed, I have a complete who’s who’s guide for the comic here . Just look on the side and you will see […]

Time for a big reveal and a big reveal it is…. Grenels are not what they seem to be. Well back to SDCC Prep and on a side note, the art book starts the printing press. Really excited about it. keep creating trav  

  As you can tell its SDCC week. This is a busy week for me, so I will try to be around when I can. Yet if you are going to SDCC than come on by and hang out with us for a bit. Get a FREE Sketch and dress up. Keep Creating trav

I apologize right off the bat, if you posted a comment in the last ten episodes it might not be there. This is do to an small technical issue on importing that I hope to have fixed.  I feel really bad, but i think there should be no problems from now on. tra

Today we updated page 512 of my comic. What an accomplishment and still many more pages to go. So to celebrate here’s a special deal for those looking at picking up hard copies of my comic book series. Until August 30th, if you type in the code: SpecialBookdealVictoria you’ll get 15% off all Bean Comics […]

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