The Bean 479
The Bean 479
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Good morning- my adventurers.

Back to the world of the Bean, Art and other adventures now that my kickstarter is over. What an incredible experience and to all those that were part of it. Thank you.

I am also happy to see people are reading the bean. There are times that no one says anything here, like it’s an afternoon in a library, but then put a few spelling errors in the page and the board lights up. I do appreciate everyone catching my errors though. I am dyslexic and i think the next few pages might have a little issue here and there, but I will let you find them.

Now if you feel inclined to talk about the story, favorite characters – etc… please do. I would love to go more into who they are and the creation process. I just dont know always what to talk about.

Well keep creating, keep adventuring and keep those eagle eyes out- i apprecaite it.



Mouse » 8 May 2013 » Reply

I love how Ravna flip-flops here! First she says, 'I can't do this,' and then when it's suggested Fencer Per accompany her, she is quick to say, 'Never mind, I'll do it myself!' I think that's such a good portrayal of how hard it is to know one's own mind in times of great paradigm shift and tragedy.

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    its a complicated emotion that is very very unpredictable. I am trying really hard to make that realistic in the comic.

John » 25 Apr 2013 » Reply

I found this comic a week ago but was not able to start reading until yesterday. I've seen previous comments saying it took the readers weeks or months to catch up. I must be a voracious reader, it only took me 2 days.

Keep up the good work Trav. We do read the comics and we are still here even with out the dyslexia or fat fingers kicking in

    trav » 2 May 2013 » Reply

    wow 2 days 🙂 impressive – i am jazzed to hear that-

    and i will continue to keep drawing- promise- 🙂

trav » 25 Apr 2013 » Reply

Ok My young editors:) refresh please and things should be better. Thank you. I will say this, it is nice knowing that people are reading. It's been very quiet theses last few updates. I think i should continue to make grammatical errors.:) helps me know people are reading.

Now if you want to talk about the story itself i would love to do that as well

    Celidah » 25 Apr 2013 » Reply

    Rest assured you have at least one reader here who eagerly reads each page the moment it shows up in her feed! I just haven't had anything to say these last few updates.

    I do now, though! Namely, that I cannot wait to see the interaction between Fencer and Ravna. This is gonna get good.

siestak » 25 Apr 2013 » Reply

"someone one" should be "someone"

Frankfurter » 25 Apr 2013 » Reply

Also solder should be soldier in the first panel and someone one should either be someone or some one. Love your work but as the saying goes, many eyes make fewer bugs.

Ben » 25 Apr 2013 » Reply

Also, in lower left panel, it should be "Without".

I'm enjoying seeing Roc Noc again, and hope he has a place in the rest of the story. Keep up the good work.

someone » 25 Apr 2013 » Reply

Typos: should be “protocol” and “privileged”. Also probably capitalize “Ravna” in that last panel. 🙂

Andreas » 25 Apr 2013 » Reply

"protocol" and "privileged"
Or is it his personal vernacular?

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