The Bean 479
The Bean 479
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Good morning- my adventurers.

Back to the world of the Bean, Art and other adventures now that my kickstarter is over. What an incredible experience and to all those that were part of it. Thank you.

I am also happy to see people are reading the bean. There are times that no one says anything here, like it’s an afternoon in a library, but then put a few spelling errors in the page and the board lights up. I do appreciate everyone catching my errors though. I am dyslexic and i think the next few pages might have a little issue here and there, but I will let you find them.

Now if you feel inclined to talk about the story, favorite characters – etc… please do. I would love to go more into who they are and the creation process. I just dont know always what to talk about.

Well keep creating, keep adventuring and keep those eagle eyes out- i apprecaite it.