The Bean 481
The Bean 481
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Good morning my adventurers- I am sorry I have been quiet these last 2 weeks- there has been a lot going on. Some big news for the bean and also production notes for the artbook as well.

First Bean- I’ve gone completely digital for the bean. Pencils, inks everything. Best thing I ever did and these pages wont post for a few months the difference is incredible. I like how clean it is and for the most part you wont be able to tell the difference. It’s giving me more freedom and time to get things done on the story and I can feel the energy building.

the artbook – I am almost done with all the pencil work as well and then onto the spot inks- the deadline for the book to go to press is the 3rd week in june.  I will keep everyone posted.

Daily sketching. So the Cintiq is something new for me. It’s a wild trip and so each night as I wind down I sketch a bit. I am pretty jazzed with how They are coming out and I will start posting them in order. I will be posting those pieces in the blog below for people to enjoy-

Also wanna talk comics, shop whatever, I am up for it.

keep creating



James_Rye » 8 Dec 2013 » Reply

So they getting some redshirts to get killed off along the quest, huh? XD

SotiCoto » 9 Sep 2013 » Reply

That Roc Noc is a pushy fetcher, isn't he? All making decisions on behalf of other people and whatnot.

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    thats what red rock trolls do 🙂 they are instigators

Frankfurter » 3 May 2013 » Reply

In the third panel it should either be quest as well or journey as well not "quest as journey as well."

    trav » 3 May 2013 » Reply

    thanks for catching that-
    missed that one as well

Ben » 3 May 2013 » Reply

Ah, in the last speech bubble, tomorrow should be spelled with one M.

    trav » 3 May 2013 » Reply

    refresh- i fixed it

Odo » 3 May 2013 » Reply

Heh… any bets on whether she leaves tonight, without her escort? Anyone? I didn't think so.

    trav » 3 May 2013 » Reply

    I never thought of that:) but that would make for an interesting twist

Leszek Cyfer » 2 May 2013 » Reply

Have you got a secondhand one? What was your line of reasoning when you were choosing it? Do you plan to upgrade it soon? Thanks for an answer 🙂

    trav » 2 May 2013 » Reply

    my reasoning was a grand less than a new one- It wasn't 2nd hand and in very good condition as for upgrading – nope- gonna use this one for a long while

trav » 2 May 2013 » Reply

I have the 21 ux

Leszek Cyfer » 2 May 2013 » Reply

Which one you'vge got? One of these?

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