The Bean 482
The Bean 482
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Welcome back my fellow residents of the forest of darkleaf. Glad to see you around- I hope you notice that I am adding a daily sketch as well. These sketches are all over the map. Some will be from bean- others will be just sketches of ideas and practicing. I will update one – every single day. It’s on my main home page on the site here.

Well back to the work – we have stories to finish as well as books to create.

Today’s Question-

Who is your favorite character in the story so far and why?

Well keep creating –



Jim » 7 May 2013 » Reply

Right now? Ravna of course. Heartbreak! But why ask? I like ALL of your characters. Keep up the good work.

I'm constantly wowed by your artwork. I wanna grow up to draw like you one day. Where'd you learn to draw like that?

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    thank you
    and i taught my self with lots of practice.

Odo » 7 May 2013 » Reply

Not only is the "sob" balloon not needed, I didn't even notice it until people started talking about it.

My favorite character? I'm rooting for the Bean, of course, but the one that I think has the most backstory that I want to read about is Mama.

johnnyhath » 6 May 2013 » Reply

This got me all choked up again. It's so reminiscent of the scene when Siv died. Just a few, simple panels and a lot of raw emotion. It's wildly evocative and really impressive that just a few simple images and hardly any text at all (I wonder if the "sob" bubble is even needed) can conjure such a strong emotional reaction in the reader.

Very, very cool stuff.

bvdon14 » 6 May 2013 » Reply

trav the real question is who are your favorite hero's besides siv?

    Trav the bean » 7 May 2013 » Reply

    my favorites- well since i am creating this- that is not really fair now is it 🙂 Actually there are characters I enjoy and characters i just loathe…. I actually enjoy otter right now – and then there is the collector… as well as gort and siv. I just dont have an all time favorite – because i would find myself pulling the story around them…

bvdon14 » 6 May 2013 » Reply

my favorite is mama Frairie and Theron because of how they both cant live with out one another plus it shows the lasting relationship of how Theron and the daughters all care for one another plus they are both pretty boss. who could of thought that mama Frairie was a forest protector who has the power to manipulate plants and seasons and Theron is boss with a axe/tamahawk.

Celidah » 6 May 2013 » Reply

*bawls with Ravna*

But seriously, answering the question…Siv is my all-time favorite. Mama & Theron together are contenders with Ravna for my second favorites. I say Mama and Theron together because they're both individually great characters, but it's when the two of them are together that the magic really happens.

I know I said this before, but I'll reiterate that I can hardly wait to see Fencer and Ravna together. I am really looking forward to how they interact.

    Trav the bean » 6 May 2013 » Reply

    ** here's a hanky ***

    Actually siv is a favorite character of mine as well.


trav » 6 May 2013 » Reply

actually that is a "!" symbol-

    Roy » 6 May 2013 » Reply

    Probably only need one of the punctuation marks in that sob there. Probably even none would work, since it's a sound effect more than a sentence.

      Trav the bean » 7 May 2013 » Reply

      i might actually pull the whole bubble when it goes to print- i think it might be more powerful

Bellar » 6 May 2013 » Reply

Was the backslash intended in her "sob" speech?

MalikTous » 6 May 2013 » Reply

I liked the dragon youth. Great idea including an adolescent dragon in the strip.

    trav » 6 May 2013 » Reply

    thaddeus is cool, too bad he's not a youth:) but actually…. well cant spoil that for everyone else…

@romdude » 6 May 2013 » Reply

This is the best frame so far. This one, I can feel how much she misses him. Keep up the good work.

    trav » 6 May 2013 » Reply

    thank you- i think real grief is important-


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