The Bean 508
The Bean 508
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Lurker » 24 Sep 2013 » Reply

Typo: gaurdian -> guardian

Grey Matter » 24 Sep 2013 » Reply

Perhaps Otter mistrusts the dragon now that she has seen what the sword is doing to Bean. Perhaps Thaddeus is lying; he isn't really a dragon, if you recall. Maybe she is being used as a plot piece, giving the readers some insight into the sword and the magic of the Broken Moon. So far, magic has been fairly good and protective, if a little destructive. What if it actually does make you mad over time? What happens to Gwen? What happens to Bean?

Trav has a whole world here, waiting to be explored, and it's not like so many of the typical fantasy worlds that are out there. Relax; he'll show us something wonderful soon.

Also, I don't see Otter as obstreperous. She is calmly explaining things to Bean from her perspective, not shouting or being pushy. Elves tend to be more controlled than that, although in some worlds elves are less Vulcan and more human in their emotions.

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    thank so much –

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