I apologize right off the bat, if you posted a comment in the last ten episodes it might not be there. This is do to an small technical issue on importing that I hope to have fixed.  I feel really bad, but i think there should be no problems from now on. tra

Today we updated page 512 of my comic. What an accomplishment and still many more pages to go. So to celebrate here’s a special deal for those looking at picking up hard copies of my comic book series. Until August 30th, if you type in the code: SpecialBookdealVictoria you’ll get 15% off all Bean Comics […]

Hello-  we should have things back to normal- as for what normal is i am not sure. The slugs are off… but i checked and the sequence is correct. So it goes in order. This page hits kinda home for me. In more ways then one. I never realized I would be in a similar […]

Still struggling with a couple of comments not moving over to their correct pages- haven’t figured that yet. Other than that- we keep trudging along. Mind you this a rough… so there are grammar errors and spelling errors at times. When the books go to print this is all corrected

Everything should be fixed now. If you have a problem please let me know so we can fix it. Also let me know what browser it is on as well.  Yet the site has been scrubbed clean:)  

This has been a fun section to work on for me. It’s allowing me to look at the story more as a story than that of just a boy on a quest. We fixed the glitch-Sorry if you got redirected. Things are all clean on our end now- if you have any problems let me […]

Good morning – if you haven’t noticed yet- there have been some major changes here at Bean Leaf Press. Changes for the good. It has been a wild ride, all due to a hacker. Yet it has resulted in a more secure site with all my blogs, art pieces, and comics in one spot. Also […]

I do hope you are enjoying the new site. Still tweaking (not twerking) things here, but I am much happier. Also I hope you go to the home page. There is a ton of new art, new blogs, and some exciting news. Just trying to make things fun for everyone. Keep creating trav  

I can’t believe we are over 530 pages. Pretty awesome. Also we are still working out bugs and other issues – plus looking at ways to enhance the site even more. Your suggestions are much appreciated. Also I have several NEW shop talks up about comics, facebook and establishing yourself as an artist. You can […]

Good morning my young adventurers.  Just wanted to let everyone know that we are working hard on tweaking things here on the site. Including putting a button near the top of the page for all the fans of the comic.  I hope you also notice I am adding more shop talks and updating the old […]

  Good morning my young adventurers… A lot of fantastic things are happening. This weekend I will be at the Tucson Comic Con – if you are in the area come one by for some free sketches.  Also I have 11 pages left of my new story which I will sharing soon. It’s about bears, […]

Good morning my young adventurers… I will be posting more about my Tucson adventure in it’s own post. Since i am traveling at the moment and I am not around my machince. If you want to read about my adventure- check out my blog postings on the home page. Keep Creating trav

Hi Guys – back from a fantastic show in Tucson. Had a blast. Now working on several projects, including the coloring of several KS rewards, should take about 2 weeks to finish.  Also Setting up my show schedule for next year. Gonna have some fun. Also check out the new shop talks on the home […]

  So much good stuff happening. Some very cools things coming down the pipeline for the bean as well as for my art in general. Also have a good veterans day. Especially those that have the day off to remember the sacrifices those men and woman did so people could enjoy freedoms that are taken […]

Greetings Adventurers. Been a busy week which is good. Planning for my last show of the year. The Long Beach Comic Con. Should be a good time this weekend. If you are in the area come on by and hang out. Get a free sketch. Also posted a few new shop-talks on the home page. […]

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