The Bean 533
The Bean 533
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Good morning my young adventurers…

A lot of fantastic things are happening. This weekend I will be at the Tucson Comic Con – if you are in the area come one by for some free sketches.  Also I have 11 pages left of my new story which I will sharing soon. It’s about bears, pirates and one heck of an adventure.

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Celidah » 31 Oct 2013 » Reply

I like snow…as viewed from inside my cozy home. Otherwise, I'm with Bean.

Those first four panels of Otter (?) punching through the snow makes her look almost superheroic. 🙂

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    cause she is- and i viewing the snow from a cozy home sounds delightful

Grey Matter » 31 Oct 2013 » Reply

Me too!

sfbell09 » 31 Oct 2013 » Reply

So living in the SW, does that affect your opinion of snow? Does it mirror The Beans? I do like the new site design and title. Great stuff!

    trav » 31 Oct 2013 » Reply

    I actually love snow- it is though wet and cold at times but i enjoy the recreational properties of snow… i think bean is dealing with the fact he is trying to survive in it.

    Glad you like the site design and features – working on the tweaks but i am happy with it's direction.

Nico » 31 Oct 2013 » Reply

I love the Comic.
BUT SOME OF THE JAVASRIPT ON THIS SITE IS MAKING IT UNUSABLE !!! (100% CPU). This is just plain stupid, BAD programming. I'm really dissapointed that you keep using scrappy software which would never appear on this site if it were graphic art.

    trav » 31 Oct 2013 » Reply

    sorry to upset you.
    I only work with the resources and tools that i have. I am an artist not a programmer and i am pretty happy with the programmer who has been helping me out. I think you've mentioned it before but I am not changing things at the moment. Especially since it is soooo important that i keep drawing and creating… Programming takes away from that.


      Nico » 2 Nov 2013 » Reply

      Thanks for the reply. Sorry to your programmer for my use of hard words. Maybe he can have a look @ js-performance for the next revision. Meanwhile the bean is still marvelous without js 😉 Thank you a lot !


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