The Bean 551
The Bean 551
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A.C. » 4 Jan 2014 » Reply

Hmm, makes me think of the Dark Crystal for some reason (caverns and such). I’ve always had mixed feelings about the underground world. Fascinating stuff (as someone already mentioned, catacombs etc.) but also super scary seeing as I’m mildly claustrophobic.

Don’t know if you’re familiar with them, but there’s some really interesting tunnels and passageways underneath London for example, though if you got lost there you could die before someone finds you (yup, that’ll be the claustrophobic me kicking in >_<)
I remember one picture in particular that still haunts me to this day, a network of tunnels (not rivers or sewers, but footpaths) that in the center seemed to lead into a what appeared to be an impossible deep well in the center.

Freaky stuff but very inspirational!

Slumbery » 2 Jan 2014 » Reply

Sometimes I wonder if we see a post-apocalyptic Shadowrun here.

    trav » 2 Jan 2014 » Reply

    sometimes i wonder the same thing.

Ol' Gui » 2 Jan 2014 » Reply

"been above ground way too? long" I am always amazed by the underground cities and tunnels and catacombs that have been built into rock all around the world.

    trav » 2 Jan 2014 » Reply

    same here- there is soooo magic underground and mystery as well.

      Ol' Gui » 9 Jan 2014 » Reply

      I got too cute when I wrote too? in my sentence. I was hinting that perhaps the " to " in the word bubble should be " too". The rest of the comment stands as is. Your drawings of the caverns and roots and small details treats to the eyes.

lithicbee » 2 Jan 2014 » Reply

Rats! This is either a big new piece of worldbuilding or I simply forgot that I knew it already. Either way, cool! 😉

    trav » 2 Jan 2014 » Reply

    🙂 the worlds a much larger place than a little old inn

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