The Bean 579
The Bean 579
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My friends- thank you for your understanding about bean going once a week for several months as I continue to provide for my family (speaking of which anyone interested in a private commission – I am open) Yet I also want to share that my kickstarter has only 7 days left and if you want to reserve a book for yourself or someone else, which talks about the power of adventure than just click the image below. I would love for you to be a part of it.

travis hanson imagination

Thanks again for your love and support. I do love telling stories and would love to continue. Those that have bought the books and supported my Kickstarter projects helps keep these stories going. Thank you.





Karyl » 4 Aug 2014 » Reply

Trav, any updates expected for Bean soon? I hate to see them stuck there forever. 🙂

FlyingGekko » 14 Apr 2014 » Reply

I was wondering… what is the general colour of the underground tunnels? Are there any glow-in-the-dark type things for illumination?

    trav » 13 May 2014 » Reply

    there is a lot of light in the tunnels. The crystals, etc… some crystals even give off enough warmth to cause plants to growth

Frankfurter » 14 Apr 2014 » Reply

Hmmm looks like a good place to make a stand, very defensible if it should come to that.

    trav » 13 May 2014 » Reply

    if needs be, but they really need to get moving on

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