The Bean 555
The Bean 555
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Karyl » 17 Jan 2014 » Reply

I have a little folding sterno stove that amounts to the same idea, with a pot. 🙂

    trav » 20 Jan 2014 » Reply

    lol – how cool is that

Ol' Gui » 16 Jan 2014 » Reply

Having organic spellcheck is a nice backup to having an editor. That little camp stove looks interesting.

    trav » 16 Jan 2014 » Reply

    i would agree

      trav » 16 Jan 2014 » Reply

      i personally want a little stove like that

        sfbell09 » 17 Jan 2014 » Reply

        Something like a terracotta pot might get you close to it. I've always wanted to build something like that for slow cooking or smoking. The cooking show: Good Eats featured a DIY terracotta smoker in a parking lot with a hotplate for the heat source. I like the storytelling/world building exposition. It feels more organic and blends into the story better than just a random dump of information.

          trav » 20 Jan 2014 »

          i have thought about that- something for making a quick stew….

          I two like the storytelling world building exposition, i find that to be extremely important to find that balance.

Eric » 16 Jan 2014 » Reply

Typo, "it doesn't me that" should read "it doesn't mean that".

    lithicbee » 16 Jan 2014 » Reply

    Also, exaggerated and goblin.

      trav » 16 Jan 2014 » Reply

      i'll get it tonight- i dont have time during the day today

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