The Bean 559
The Bean 559
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It is scenes like these that are the hardest to write.


Night Vision 58 » 30 Jan 2014 » Reply

And thank you for writing them. The human side of war. . . .gets lost in all the posturing, and we need reminding, often.
Again, thanks. The more of this, the better in some ways; it's the hard ones that are worth it.

    trav » 4 Feb 2014 » Reply

    you are welcome- i find these moments important. They character defining as well as we shall see in the next few updates. Still they can be tough to write and tough to create. Yet they are needed to make the story believable.

wnp » 30 Jan 2014 » Reply

Otter is logically corrrect, but other´s could have done the same with Bean and by stopping in spite of the danger he will overcome his own fear and begin to gain mastery of the sword. It may not save the child but will comfort the suffering parents. A heroic deed in itself.

    trav » 4 Feb 2014 » Reply

    yes – there will be some interesting developments here – on who bean might become and who otter is. Remember one has experience with the brutality of life while the other does not…only knowing the chaos of his home but nothing of the outside world. I can see how polarizing this might make otter, who could actually be in the right at the moment.

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