The Bean 566
The Bean 566
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I am sorry for the silence the last few updates but this is the project I am doing along side the bean. It’s my newest book – a full color story book about the greatest treasure hunt ever. If you want to be a part of it- just click the link below.  Bean updates will not be interrupted during this adventure either.


Keep creating always



@SpacemoreDragon » 24 Feb 2014 » Reply

Wow! I've finally caught up. Found you through the Io9 review.

Just wanted to leave a note saying how much I've enjoyed The Bean. The story and artwork are great and your dedication is just amazing and inspiring. Plus it's been awesome reading the comments and watching the fan community grow and support your creation.

    trav » 27 Feb 2014 » Reply

    awesome and sorry you have to wait for updates now :).

    i am glad you found me through io9 and i am glad you are enjoying the story. Thanks for being a part of it.

Celidah » 24 Feb 2014 » Reply

And here's where the magic happens!

q`Tzal » 24 Feb 2014 » Reply

There's only one thing better than bombing a bridge your enemy's army is marching across: bombing the one behind them and the one in front of them stranding them somewhere they can't escape easily and are ambushed with ease.

    trav » 27 Feb 2014 » Reply

    or bombing the caves that run under the road… especially when you dont have an army

Keith » 24 Feb 2014 » Reply

Was that a bomb or a cave-in?

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