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Golux » 2 Mar 2014 » Reply

Nothing like a good old fashioned carpet bombing…

    trav » 3 Mar 2014 » Reply

    nope – not at all.

ThePuck1 » 28 Feb 2014 » Reply

Looks like the march has been… Blown out of of proportion! *yeah!* *puts on sunglasses*

    trav » 3 Mar 2014 » Reply

    pretty punny there 🙂

Golux » 27 Feb 2014 » Reply

Thus begins Sherman's march to the sea. For those who desire it, give it in full measure so they may feel the full glory and honor that is war.

    trav » 3 Mar 2014 » Reply

    …war will always be hell.

austriankangaroo » 27 Feb 2014 » Reply

Wow, i didn't expect a mess like this when i first saw those bombs.
It will take a while till they can march on, i guess.

    trav » 27 Feb 2014 » Reply

    🙂 blowing up tunnels will do that:)

      sfbell09 » 28 Feb 2014 » Reply

      Perhaps, or it will so enrage the leadership that they will drive their troops onward without concern for their morale (not that they seemed too concerned about it in the first place.) Strategically it helps if your enemy is confused, angry and rushing into things. On a style note, I love the inclusion of random wildlife. They bear silent witness to the events and are so varied and cool.

Karyl » 27 Feb 2014 » Reply

So, that's a big disruption…but is it enough?

Odo » 27 Feb 2014 » Reply

Ummm. That was sort of what I expected with simple mechanical fuses based on vibrations. It's like a field of mousetraps each with a pingpong ball on it, and you throw in one pingpong ball.

    trav » 27 Feb 2014 » Reply

    Earthdweller technology can be pretty impressive.

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