The Bean 569
The Bean 569
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Celidah » 6 Mar 2014 » Reply

I think this may be my new favorite sequence in The Bean, literarily speaking. You've brilliantly drawn parallels between Bean, Otter, the refugees, and Bean's character; and Badger, the rats, and Badger's character here without having to be heavy-handed or contrived. Your storytelling constantly surprises and delights me.

    trav » 10 Mar 2014 » Reply

    🙂 I think each group has different objectives and all are in survival mode. As I researched it all out, especially the plight of refugees… It really help define the characteristics of each individual. I spoke to soldiers who had witnessed refugees and their plight and the ugly truth about survival, something we tend to ignore, yet at the same time, allow for an act of kindness here and there as well as the refusal of mercy to others. I never wanted to preach a message, I just wanted to create a window for people to look into and make their own assessments on the reaction of characters… 🙂 I am glad that the story stays compelling, unique and delightful.

    Thanks for the comment as well. I love comments like this were we dig a little into what is actually going on:)

      Scott » 4 Aug 2015 » Reply

      As a reader, Travis, I have to congratulate you on saying, "I never wanted to preach a message, I just wanted to create a window for people to look into and make their own assessments…" I think that's what true literature does. Provides the window so readers can think conclude by themselves, not the preachy conclusion that robs them of the need to think. In short, I think that's what keeps the story compelling and unique. Too much today is of the preachy, "no thought required," here's-the-conclusion kind.

        Scott » 4 Aug 2015 » Reply

        #$$*( !! Caught my own error. I meant, "…so readers can conclude by themselves, …." (no 'think'!)

        Trav the bean » 4 Aug 2015 » Reply

        windows are soooo important- I really enjoy also being able to create my own deductions about characters… because it makes me realize how people are more grey than anything else. I find life to be the same way.

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