The Bean 568
The Bean 568
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Scott » 4 Aug 2015 » Reply

Another grammar correction, offered in kind spirit: First panel, "… no enemy SOLDIERS, TO take advantage of the mess." Yes, Badge is true evil …

lithicbee » 3 Mar 2014 » Reply

Did Badger lose his left arm in the explosion, I wonder? I agree with sfbell09's edits and add that Badger's 3rd sentence should read: No enemy soldiers to take advantage of the mess. (solders–>soldiers, no comma, too–>to).

    trav » 3 Mar 2014 » Reply

    arm is still there- smoke is blocking it.

sfbell09 » 3 Mar 2014 » Reply

I see Badger managed to make it, boo! If ever someone needed to be buried up to their neck in Darkleaf, it is probably him. Speaking of Badger… With respect, his last sentence seems more like a statement than a question. If he is asking a rhetorical question it might be better phrased: "This slight against us can't go unavenged, can it?" Otherwise if it is a declaration, maybe end it with a period or exclamation point.

    trav » 3 Mar 2014 » Reply

    it will end with an period or exclamation point 🙂

    as for the badger… well they are good diggers.

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