The Bean 572
The Bean 572
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Getting close to the Emerald City Comic Con. Looking forward to heading up there this year. It’s a nice show to start the con season with.

Also we are getting closer to the first stretch goal for my new book.  Keep creating, trav.




A.C. » 19 Mar 2014 » Reply

Great expressions here, especially that last panel, clearly he misses the old groggly one. Familiarity might breed contempt, but that contempt is quick to fade when surrounded by strangeness and despair.

    trav » 20 Mar 2014 » Reply

    thanks- i think he has been on the move so long – that he hasnt had a time to just think for himself as well. I usually find that is when the homesickness sets in a bit.

Elliot » 17 Mar 2014 » Reply

accepting life decisions can be tough no matter what is at stake. Some deep topics you cover with bean!

    trav » 17 Mar 2014 » Reply

    i believe you can cover topics in a realistic and non-in-your-face way:) I have really enjoyed the interaction between bean and otter and their difference of opinions.

@calvsie » 17 Mar 2014 » Reply

Ahh good old groggle. Sage advise always comes from the most unlikely sources. 😀
I Wonder, what is the cook is up to now?

    trav » 17 Mar 2014 » Reply

    It does and sometimes when we think that a person is not listening …. they surprise us.

    as for what the cook is up to? He's wandering a bit… 🙂

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