The Bean 578
The Bean 578
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Its been a hard week for me this. One that has made me realize that for the next couple of weeks and maybe months bean will only update on mondays. It’s a hard choice and i still plan to update, but i need to make sure my family’s financial stability and my health come first. This is something that happens with webcomics. Most like bean are a labor of love more than a means of financial stability. This choice will allow me to build my buffer again and at the same time finish some jobs that will bring in some much needed income.  So look for Bean updates every monday for the next little while.

Thanks again for your understanding




slim kittens » 12 Apr 2014 » Reply

Priorities, priorities. Family and health first. Then you'll be able to produce webcomics in the proper order of thingss.

Hoomi » 7 Apr 2014 » Reply

I'll miss my Thursday "Bean" fix, but it's sure not worth you working yourself into a hospital or worse. Do what you need to do. Your health and your family come first.

And, hey. You're still way ahead of many webcomics I've read, where the artist just quits updating both the comic and the news, leaving the reader wondering if they just somehow fell off the face of the Earth. It's a lot easier to take, knowing the story IS going to continue, instead of wondering if the artist is ever going to come back and finish the tale.

sparkplug54 » 7 Apr 2014 » Reply

Trav, I'd keep coming back and continue voting even if you only updated monthly. Take care of your family and your paying work. w appreciate what you do. I'll complete my "the Bean" book set whenever. I suspect there's a lot more stories yet to come.

dubiuousbyhabit » 7 Apr 2014 » Reply

No worries, Trav. I've seen far too many a smart webcomic close down because the creators went for too ambitious an update schedule in the face of too busy of personal and professional schedules. I think you've given us a terrific and wonderful story so far and would hate for it to become another Blip or Xylia Tales. Take care.

Celidah » 7 Apr 2014 » Reply

Do what you need to Trav. I'm perfectly happy with Monday-only updates. Take care of yourself & your family, you hear? 🙂

kuggur » 7 Apr 2014 » Reply

I meant your finances, I doubt you keep finches.

kuggur » 7 Apr 2014 » Reply

You provide free entertainment of imo high quality, and have so for a long time.
You are right, family comes first. I will keep on following Bean no matter how often, or seldom you can to update.
Good luck with the story, your finces and everything.

Dweeve » 7 Apr 2014 » Reply

Take care of yourself, Trav-
I will be looking for your work on Mondays. Priorities

CEHinNJ » 7 Apr 2014 » Reply

You have chosen…wisely. Best wishes on reaching your family and health objectives. Your strip remains a top bookmark in my browser— I look forward to the Monday updates!

susan » 7 Apr 2014 » Reply

Update when you can. I, for one, will be here when you do. Please take care of yourself.


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