The Bean 578
The Bean 578
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Its been a hard week for me this. One that has made me realize that for the next couple of weeks and maybe months bean will only update on mondays. It’s a hard choice and i still plan to update, but i need to make sure my family’s financial stability and my health come first. This is something that happens with webcomics. Most like bean are a labor of love more than a means of financial stability. This choice will allow me to build my buffer again and at the same time finish some jobs that will bring in some much needed income.  So look for Bean updates every monday for the next little while.

Thanks again for your understanding




Scott » 4 Aug 2015 » Reply

I'm just reading this for the first time on 4 August 2015, so I hope you resolved the posting issues quickly. Health issues do not bode well. Even though I do know, now, that as of today Bean is still going strong!!

    Trav the bean » 4 Aug 2015 » Reply

    i am doing much better and we have cleaned up a lot of the posting issues – as for the health issues i am doing much better. I feel good and I feel happy- Thank you so much for checking in on me.


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