The Bean 52
The Bean 52
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travis hanson new kickstarter

One of my favorite scenes and boy do I love how the color came out. This just makes me feel good, especially as I realize that I am almost halfway through book 2 on the colors. Very very exciting. Book 4 is almost done as well. This is a major accomplishment this year and a great way to start it off. Right now I am still building it and the reward graphics. I still have the movie to do and I might be able to get my patreon movie done at the same time.

Well back to work

keep creating




Ray » 14 Jan 2015 » Reply

The long-necked lizard-like is called a "skylock."

Doyle » 5 Sep 2012 » Reply

Is that, perhaps, a wombat see there?

Artsy » 8 Nov 2010 » Reply

You are so creative! Wow!

Brandon » 16 Jun 2010 » Reply

This reminds me of "The Wishing Well" that is hanging on my wall right here above my monitor 🙂 This page is signature Trav, and I love it!

    Trav the bean » 15 Dec 2010 » Reply

    🙂 glad you like it. A lot of my prints and ideas drop into the story in theme or in feel.

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