The Bean 120
The Bean 120
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Dranorter » 10 Mar 2018 » Reply

What is that glorious creature!

Gabriel » 21 Jul 2012 » Reply

I love how the three panels work so well in sync. I can almost "see" the scene in motion as he walks through the crowded streets, past the structure in the front, and eventually ending up right in front of the camera for a close up.


You keep talking about wanting to color these, but I see that you've released the black and white version in book form. . .are those in color? If not, are you still planning on doing color?

    Trav the bean » 31 Jul 2012 » Reply

    thank you – i enjoyed putting this together as well.

    As for coloring- the first goal is to finish the whole story (9 vol of a 158 pages each). If i stopped to color i would never get the book done so i am doing the whole story in b/w and printing in b/w as well. Once it is all done i will look at rereleasing the books in color. Much like what jeff smith did with bone.

Scott M » 17 Jun 2010 » Reply

Yeah, colour would probably help complex pages like this one separate depth and such a little more, letting characters pop and background be a little more, well, background. Judging by the first page you're definitely a talented colourist. That said though, it's still been great fun reading it through in black and white; your linework is solid stuff and only rarely gets overwhelming. Even that just takes a little more time to look over and process everything going on.

    beanleafpress » 21 Jun 2010 » Reply

    it will get colored one day, and the b/w print actually do the pages even more justice than here. It's just finding the time that is really the honest problem. Yet that might change one day:)

    Trav the bean » 15 Dec 2010 » Reply

    one day scott- i promise- i will color this:)

Wisdom Thumbs » 5 Jun 2010 » Reply

While I did have some problems with how your dialogue and panels flowed together, this comic is quite solid. Very strong, dynamic linework (though at times it does get a bit crowded).

I'll be checking back twice weekly for updates. Loving the story and the world.

    Trav the bean » 5 Jun 2010 » Reply

    thanks man-
    I think part of it was a learning curve- knowing when to pull back something i am still working on. I do appreciate the feedback as well and look forward to hearing more.

    I am glad you like it.

Filippo » 3 Jun 2010 » Reply

Uh. Interesting work.
Found the comic today, read it through from the first page.
I'm positive that it was worth it.
I love the way you work on details and your style delights me. Also, the story seems appealing and if you can keep up with the promising premises it will surely become a piece of great value.
Even though the b&w doesn't reduce the effectiveness of the art, the items for sale show that you can color just as well as you can draw.
In short, I wouldn't know how to make it better, at the moment. Moreover considering you plan (or at least wish) to colour the whole thing after the tale is told.
I look forward to the next releases.

    Trav the bean » 4 Jun 2010 » Reply

    I am glad you found me and I am glad you are enjoying this. Yes I do plan to color this but the main goal right now is to finish the story like you pointed out. I am also trying really hard to keep the story familiar yet not and still make it enjoyable.

    Looking forward to also posting more 🙂 thanks

Scott » 3 Jun 2010 » Reply

Love the mood you've created just using line. Awesome!

    Trav the bean » 3 Jun 2010 » Reply

    thanks scott- one day i would like to tackle it with color….yet i must finish the tale first:)

    Jason » 3 Jun 2010 » Reply

    Agreed. I was thinking the same thing. It's hard enough to set the mood with color let alone just lines. You've done it wonderfully here though.

      Trav the bean » 4 Jun 2010 » Reply

      Thanks jason- I guess part of this is that I choose to see this as both b/w and color- so it makes it easier to draw this way:)

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