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The Bean 624
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stretchgoal 1MADEIT

Yup everyone $25 backer or more gets a map-

Now with 16 days left, we are working on the next stretch goal – which is completely unique and fun.

stretchgoal 2.fw


Thank you again and I am also working at getting back to a two a week update schedule.

ALSO – Just finished a really fun podcast (End Credits). It is up and live, so if you want to hear a little about my process, life and surviving as an indy… just click the link here.

Keep creating and keep dreaming big .



dubiuousbyhabit » 24 Feb 2015 » Reply

There's some fairly ominous foreshadowing in Otter's final comments in panel last. Couple that with the low survival rate of older mentor figures in fiction… should we be at all worried about Theron's survival in this story?

Seros Senric » 24 Feb 2015 » Reply

Did you mean to say "faries" in the second-last panel?

Concerning the white-on-black, since there was no speech bubbles I'd assumed that she was thinking it. I guess it should be made more clear.

Ruthie » 23 Feb 2015 » Reply

I really like the last panel, with Otter's words in the dark. It feels so ominous, and it has the same impact wether she is saying it aloud or just thinking it. We don't get many glimpses into what Otter is really thinking. It will be nice to have another character around she can speak her mind to freely 🙂

Matthew » 23 Feb 2015 » Reply

Ah! Somebody else spotted it. Yeah, the last panel, the words in white. It implies that it is from Lady Helixshire, but without a speech bubble or … the bubble with the empty circles that represent what she is thinking, I was confused too.

So are those:
A) the thoughts of Lady Helixshire, or
B) her words, or
C) the words of someone not the focus in the final panel?

For (A), how about a speech tail/bubble?
For (B), how about the empty dot link thing? (surely comic artists have a name for that…)
For (C), put the speaker in the last panel, with perhaps Lady Helixshire in the background for her reaction, however stoic.

As a former junior editor and layout artist for the California Social-Science and History Curricula, I must insist that every jot be balanced by a tittle! In triplicate! With references! In Chicago Manual of Style!

But always, wonderful artwork – including the backgrounds, which I do notice. Keep up the awesome comic.

    Trav the bean » 23 Feb 2015 » Reply

    ok i will fix that… 🙂 and for the record she is saying it

Denita TwoDragons » 23 Feb 2015 » Reply

OK, that last line (the words in white)…is Otter saying that? Or is someone else saying it offstage? It's missing a comma or period after "sword" and the way it's written out seems a little odd.

Other than that, top notch work as always! 🙂

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