The Bean 627
The Bean 627
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Good morning and what an incredible day. Today is the day I post the last page to book 4 🙂

We start chapter 17 next week which kicks off book 5. Wow I personally never imagined that I would be this far into the story. I am really excited about were it is going.

Also I finished the cover art to book 4 and I hope you enjoy it.


Loved how it came out.

Keep creating and always dream big




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Scott » 5 Aug 2015 » Reply

Two missing commas: "Culver's Gulch(,) as you have found out(,) is not a safe place." The phrase 'as you have found out' is a subordinate phrase so also needs to be set off by commas. Mostly because it's still a complete sentence without it: "Culver's Gulch is not a safe place."

sfbell09 » 17 Mar 2015 » Reply

Of all the location panels, this one really speaks to the mood and atmosphere of the present situation. Outstanding visuals as always, Travis!

Ruthie » 16 Mar 2015 » Reply

I'm worried about Bean also. His eyes look pretty dark here, and his speech is very Ganadon-like. Sounds like Papa and Tia showed up at just the right time to gently guide Bean back to his normal self. This comic just keeps getting better. Love it 🙂

Hoomi » 16 Mar 2015 » Reply

Well, in defense of the comic as-is, keep in mind that it is dialogue, and people do not always speak proper grammar. Perhaps he actually did say, "Tia and I am," despite it not being correct English. 🙂

(I have this discussion with my editor repeatedly, when she corrects the grammar in the dialogue. Yes, I *know* it's not correct, but that's how the character speaks!)

Megaben » 16 Mar 2015 » Reply

Oh, dear. Bean's characterization is taking a dark turn. How much is Bean, and how much is Ganadon?

    Celidah » 16 Mar 2015 » Reply

    Indeed. I, too, find Bean's words to be quite ominous.

      Denita TwoDragons » 17 Mar 2015 » Reply

      Yeah, I've been noticing a distinct change in the way Bean speaks, myself. I don't think that's Bean speaking anymore… :-/

Megaben » 16 Mar 2015 » Reply

(Normally I wouldn't do this, but I'm going by your ongoing policy of letting your readers correct your grammar.)

>"Feisty" is spelt wrong
>"Now come along lad we have a bit of a walk" should have a comma or a semicolon between "lad" and "we".
>Tia's speech bubble seems to be missing a word between "know" and "the", probably "what".
>"I there is very little I fear these days" looks like "I" shouldn't be there, or it should be something like "I find".

The rest is comma stuff you can get away with.


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