The Bean 580
The Bean 580
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hi all – just back from wondercon- it was a good show- more on that later… once i get settled in- Right now its the last day (meaning monday and part of tuesday  if you want to be a part of my new book- Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone.  Just click the picture to check it out.



allmobitools » 1 Aug 2019 » Reply

It was a great content. i loved it.

KDE Rockstar » 24 Apr 2014 » Reply

Silent and moving, Trav. I've been loving the story and looking forward to every new page. I know you're cutting back on the schedule some, and I'm happy you're doing so to take care of the really important things in your life. Updates, whenever they come, are always appreciated!

    trav » 13 May 2014 » Reply

    thank you – i appreciate that- my health is getting better and hopefully when i get things settled we will jump back to two days a week

foarm » 24 Apr 2014 » Reply

I've just read the story up to here. And nothing but compliments. This story is just brilliant. And keeps you reading.
I really like to read more.

    trav » 13 May 2014 » Reply

    thank you – i will be posting more – promise

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