The Bean 626
The Bean 626
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Final Hours

This is it – the Kickstarter ends on Wed and I am finishing the last page of the book this week. I am really excited about this and getting everything completed. We are close to the last stretch goal, and I hope we can pull it off. Looking forward to seeing what we can do.

If you want to be a part of it- just click the graphic above and reserve your copy today.




wnp » 14 Mar 2015 » Reply

Just noticed that Otter appears to have 5 digits on her left hand. Until now she has had only 4 as is common for comic characters since Mickey Mouse at least.

Odo » 10 Mar 2015 » Reply

I, for one, do not want to be on the path that Otter is clearing. I don't even want to be *near* that path. Not saying that Poppa is a wimp or that the Bean is … ok, maybe he is … but Otter is on a mission.

dubiuousbyhabit » 9 Mar 2015 » Reply

Otter, NO! Don't split the party! Now we readers will worry about you until you get back! Come baaaaack!

    Trav the bean » 9 Mar 2015 » Reply

    are you nervous?

      lehcyfer » 9 Mar 2015 » Reply

      Should we? 😉

        Trav the bean » 9 Mar 2015 » Reply

        it's building tension isn't it 🙂

          hoomi2 » 9 Mar 2015 »

          Well, you have shown that you are willing to kill off major characters.____Not as quickly as George R.R. Martin, but we can't be too confident on the long-term prospects for the supporting cast!

          dubiuousbyhabit » 10 Mar 2015 »

          I'm pretty confident, though, that *if* they manage to whack Otter, it'll be a Phyrric victory at best.

      dubiuousbyhabit » 10 Mar 2015 » Reply

      I just remember a few chapters ago being all "wait, really…? Siv just died?! That can happen in this story?" And so now I try to prepare myself emotionally for such eventualities.

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