The Bean 630
The Bean 630
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Sometimes… one just needs to enjoy the scenery.

Wondercon is now completed and the adventures move on. My next adventure is the LA Book Fair. Wondercon was wonderful and I am  very tired but extremely happy – I really enjoyed the wonderful spirit of the show and how things turned out. There were laughs, smiles and some tears of sorrow, joy and inspiration. I am soooo grateful to have had the opportunity to be there, to draw sketches and to talk about life and art. That is what it needs to be. That’s what makes a show wonderful. Thank you Wondercon team for making the show wonderful.

Book 4 is in edits and should be going to press at the end of the month as well.

Keep creating and keep dreaming Big




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Odo » 8 Apr 2015 » Reply

sfbell09 — I have to disagree with you about the axe. Any axe that can be used to fell a person can be used to fell a tree, and designing the axe to fell trees is far more efficient. Someone like Theron only occasionally fights, but he has to have firewood for the winter every year.

Totally agree about the overhead shot dollying in to the streetview. Fantastic art.

sfbell09 » 7 Apr 2015 » Reply

I love the understated presence of Theron. The axe held, casually, almost like it isn't even there. Yet unmistakably not a utility tool for cutting wood. And may I rave for a moment about the first panel's design and execution. I love Travis's far shots that pull in either natural landscape or as in this case, a city scene. Such great detail and feeling in everything.

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