The Bean 632
The Bean 632
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Just got back from the festival of books. I am pretty worn out, but i still got the update up. It was a fantastic fun festival.

Working on finishing the edits this week and hopefully in two weeks i will have abook ready for print.




nate » 27 Apr 2015 » Reply

finally some back story on Otter! loving this comic.

Odo » 22 Apr 2015 » Reply

Sleep that knits up the raveled sleeve of … oh, that sleeve has a severed arm in it.

Roy » 20 Apr 2015 » Reply

I would really love to see some commas in today's text. It would help the flow in a number of sentences. That said:

Panel 2: You see, the Helixshires are [a?] family clan who are better trained and, in my opinion, much more…
Panel 2: agenda's -> agendas
Panel 3: … But many times, help to maintain them. (I'm assuming he means agendas and power quests, which are plural. If he's referring to something else, it needs to be named explicitly.)

    Trav the bean » 20 Apr 2015 » Reply

    i think i can do that… just let me get some sleep

sfbell09 » 20 Apr 2015 » Reply

The word 'she' is floating at the top of the panels. Is that part of the text or is it some artifact of the process of putting together the page?

    Trav the bean » 20 Apr 2015 » Reply

    lol- oh boy… see you can tired

      sfbell09 » 20 Apr 2015 » Reply

      Not to cause more stress for a tired Artist, but Theron's "…but many times help to maintain it" seems disconnected from the previous bubble. And his last bubble might read better as: "I trust them, and I do not fear them." Sorry, it's my internal editor at work. Thank you!

        Talondale » 20 Apr 2015 » Reply

        I would prefer: "I trust them, but I do not fear them."

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