The Bean 644
The Bean 644
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Sorry today was a little late. I just got back from the SDCC and boy am I tired.  Really happy with how this page turned out.

Now I am going to take a little nap.




The Puck 1 » 17 Jul 2015 » Reply

Oh man… this page is so much more impactful in color!

someone » 15 Jul 2015 » Reply

Typo alert: should be “its full power, its full potential”.

    Megaben » 16 Jul 2015 » Reply

    Yes, and the last word, "me", should be followed by a period.

wnp » 14 Jul 2015 » Reply

Such a king who would be the king of nothing having destroyed everything. Such is the lot of megaholics.

Ruthie » 13 Jul 2015 » Reply

This lovely page needs to be the center fold-out for the "Lands of the Broken Moon" guidebook…. "Welcome, travelers! Come, see our breathtaking landscapes, heart-stopping vistas, and captivating cites… as they smolder and crumble, of course. Also, meet our charming resident megalomaniac." 😀

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