The Bean 643
The Bean 643
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This is the week of comic con. If you are the show come visit me for free sketches and lots of fun at table e01. It’s gonna be a blast.

Also I hope you enjoy today’s update. More questions than answers.

Keep creating.




Resonance » 24 Dec 2015 » Reply

Nice scene! 🙂
suggestion: 'treacherous', rather than 'betraying' for the printed edition. Or, if you want to be more specific: 'the elves that betrayed you'.

Ruthie » 7 Jul 2015 » Reply

Someone has been dying to have this moment of malevolent monologue. 😀 The colors really bring this page to life… in a scary way. I wonder if we will be cheated once again of further explanation of this character and the scene around him. I suspect this is just another glimpse of the oncoming storm, and the next few pages will be back to Bean or Ravna's parties.

Megaben » 7 Jul 2015 » Reply

Well, that answers one question. I had originally theorized that the Beast King was Ganadon, somehow partially resurrected, Voldemort-style, by the other half of his soul in the other sword. It seems from this page that they're two different entities, although Ganadon might still surface through this guy.

hoomi2 » 6 Jul 2015 » Reply

I think someone needs some anger management courses to deal with his issues… 😀

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