The Bean 57
The Bean 57
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I just got back from Amazing Arizona Comic Con. It was a very nice show and we met and saw a lot of great people and had a fantastic time. Also the kickstarter is in full swing. The map goal is almost happening- just 1100 away. I am really excited about it.


Thank you again and I am also working at getting back to a two a week update schedule.

Also I hope you enjoy today’s color update.


Keep creating and keep dreaming big .



James » 22 Jul 2013 » Reply

Are you hand lettering all your text then?

Gabriel » 21 Jul 2012 » Reply

Loving all the detail lavished in each panel. =) You also do a great job of not overwhelming the reader with text! Did you use photoshop to add the word balloons and text in afterwords? Or do you just have really neat handwriting? XD

    Trav the bean » 31 Jul 2012 » Reply

    I actually lay the text out in indesign and then export it out as a pdf. My handwriting is very neat, my spelling is really bad. So I take the safe route for editing and layout and do that in a program that is built for it.

nsanelilmunky » 26 Feb 2012 » Reply

Panel 2 reminds me of some Nightwish lyrics 🙂

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