The Bean 656
The Bean 656
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patreonsmalladToday’s page…

Really excited about where this is going… That’s all i can say…


wnp » 7 Oct 2015 » Reply

Since Bean doesn't know Fencer there isn't likely to be any surprise but Groggle would definitely be found in a butcher shop it could be just another possible relative to Groggle though there wouldn't be many of his kind.

Celidah » 5 Oct 2015 » Reply

Groggle! I hope so!

Mark » 5 Oct 2015 » Reply

my money is on The Collector

Terri » 5 Oct 2015 » Reply

I think Groggle

    dubiuousbyhabit » 5 Oct 2015 » Reply

    Ooh, good call! I hadn't considered Groggle.

    (Not as positive about my bet anymore…)

dubiuousbyhabit » 5 Oct 2015 » Reply

Is it okay if we start a betting pool on who or what Bean spotted through the window? My money is on Ravna and Fencer.

    Trav the bean » 5 Oct 2015 » Reply

    I think that that is fine. 🙂 so you say fencer and ravna???

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